Thursday, April 4, 2013

Upside down chandelier

Hiya jammers! I am ever so sorry for not posting yesterday, my Google Chrome just went so laggy I couldn´t even search. So, this is today´s item:
Beware! I really don´t think you should use this to illuminate your dining room, wax will be dripping everywere. Oh, and bunnies, carefull with your ears. 
Also, look at this: (Credit for all the contests in that post to BlueGecko)
See? A list of AJ blogs in order of views! AND THIS BLOG IS THIRD! Thanks sooo much everyone who views this blog, I remeber when I created this blog, as a non member, with my old acount. 
I updated the Jammer of the Month and the Epic Den of the Month pages.
And I am working on two new legends: How Zios met Mira and The Phantom meeting. I just don´t know which to do first, if you have time can you please comment telling me which one would you prefer? Thanks in advance for suggesting! (Hint hint)


  1. Chunky, just wondering - you know on
    How do you get the words to have a TRANSPARENT background if you put them on a picture????

    And also I think you should do How Zios met Mira first ;)

  2. How Zios met Mira sounds more interesting, so do that one first :D

  3. how zios met mira ALL the way ;) best choice

  4. Mr.Chunkybuddy, here is a gift for you! =D


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