Friday, May 31, 2013

Hiya :D

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So yeah, I didn´t post yesterday (despite the HUGE update) and I haven´t posted the item today.
Maybe someone out there is thinking that now I am going to say (well, type) that I have lost interest and quitted, or something like that.
Well, I am glad to tell you that nope, I am not going to quit and I haven´t lost interest. In fact, everyday I get more interested XD
So, the reason I didn´t post yesterday and won´t post the item today is that I didn´t feel like posting because of some things from real life that I won´t put in here because they are personal information.
Also, it is very nice to see that you jammers ead this blog even when I don´t post. Yesterday there were 2,600 hits! :D
We are close to 300,000 so keep viewing! By the time we get there I will have thought of something cool to do, like a big contest with big prizes or a party.
So, bye jammers, I will most likely post the item tomorrow as well as a post about the new Diamonds. Don´t forget to play wild and enjoy yourselves!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Code and Sun Hat!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today we have a new code, credit to snowyclaw!
Note: That is not my password, I just typed random letters as not to give clues to any hackers.
This is today´s new item: (It´s non member! So good!)
Also, AJHQ has been sending a notice that makes me feel very excited!
Can´t wait! But... Tomorrow it isn´t update day! So it must be either an item or that AJHQ has returned to making new Jamaa Journals every week. Either of them seems cool. Speaking about AJHQ, they posted this:
I like the graphics that come with this posts, they sometimes are useful.
And last but not least, the winner for this week´s weekly question is vms915! Congratulations, I already sent the imprisioned phantoms.
So, be sure to log in tomorrow to see the dazzling and brilliant thing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Item

Hi Jammers! I´m Indio, and I´m posting today.
The New Item is Member :( and Summer-Carnivaly.
And here it is:


Monday, May 27, 2013

Rare Angel Wings

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today I have to be quick because I have a maths exam tomorrow and need to study, so sorry if this is a bad post. Today´s RIM is:
Weird, wacky and... Wexpensive?
AJHQ posted this:
This week´s weekly question is:
Were did giant lion plushies come from?
By the way, they are one of my favourite items in Jamaa. 
The winner of this Weekly Question will get imprisioned phantoms:
Sorry its not great.
Well, play wild jammers, and have a good Monday!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Story of Jamaa

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, this is my second poem, hope you like it. It is the story of Jamaa but in rhyme. That picture is just a title thingy I made for it.
His name was Zios the Sky Father
He was a spirit full of talent
With gold he made his mask
And started his task.
His task was to create a land
With beaches full of sand
Bushy forests, lots of trees,
Mushrooms beneath the canopees.
High mountains full of snow
With nature high and low.
So, full of inspiration
He started his creation
Jamaa is the name he gave it
He lived on it for quite a bit.
But then he became lonely
Because if it was him only
He couldn´t have at all fun.
But, near the bright sun
He saw a pretty sight
Bathed by the light
Was a pretty bird
In a melodic voice he heard
"My name is Mira, who are you?"
And soon, those two
Became the Queen and King
They had a wedding ring
And they build up in the sky
A house amazingly high
It would be their home
Now they would never be alone.
But, they had to do one more thing
They had to fill Jamaa in
Whith animals of all kinds
Who would support them at all times.
Little bunnies who ran around,
Big wolves who made a howling sound,
Koalas danced all night
Monkeys who climbed all right,
Seals that dived in the seaside,
Roaring tigers full of pride,
Pandas muching on bamboo,
My, it looked like a zoo!
And, to control the crowd
The gods decided, very proud
To choose animals with a great mind
Who would lead the animals of their kind
So that was the alphas beggining,
They were very different beings.
Liza the explorer,
Leader to the others,
Sir Gilbert, who would defend,
The land from a battle with no end,
Peck, an artist full of talent,
And joyfull Harper, so valent.
Greely the magician
Graham in the joker´s position,
And Cosmo the herbalist.
But, between the mist,
Something evil has happening,
Some traders were turning in,
Instead of playfull jammers,
Mean and egoist scammers.
When she saw such a sight,
Mira cried all night.
Her tears fell to the ground,
And with a creaking sound,
Phantoms had been formed,
And around the land they roamed,
Ruining all the fun,
While jammers were on the run.
Zios offered a deal,
And so, full of thrill,
Said we would treat
The phantoms as if it,
Was just a mistake
And the phantoms wouldn´t take
Over the land he´d made,
As long as they behaved.
But the phantoms shot a ray
And right there, Zios lay
Motionless and dead,
But with good thoughts in his head.
Now things in Jamaa are okay,
Although the phantoms may
Still be trying to thrive,
New animals have arrived.
And all alphas contribute
To keep away those ghastly brutes
And now Jamaa is a land,
Whose future´s in our hands.
And even if you´re just a child
Just remember to play wild.

So that´s it, I hoped you liked it! I partly did it for Kinyonga´s poem contest, Click here to enter.
Jam on!
P.S. Random thing! Happy 350 post!

Sports Jersey and Q & A

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! This is the new item, it matches the Football Hat which was sold a few days ago.
I know nothing about American Football. I prefer soccer. 
Well, I suppose you are more interested in the Q & A part of the post title than in my sports preferences. (Did I mention I like snorkeling?)
Well, the "Ask Me" page is a bit confusing. I mean, lots of questions and answers mixed together with spam comments. Personally I think its difficult to take anything clear out of that.
So I suppose I will keep that page up because it might still be usefull, but if you want a good anser to your question you can email a question to and I will answer in the next post, clearly, maybe with pictures or videos.
So, what do you think of this idea?
Also, you might have noticed I deleted the "Guides" page. Reason is, it is just a bunch of links to my old posts. Instead of it I n ow have up an "About AJCC" page which hopefully will give you some information about this blog.
Jam on!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for this incredibly late post. I have randomly decided to go online at this time to be with my american buddies. Here in Spain it is more than midnight XD.
Today´s item is most certainly wacky.
Uhm... How are you supposed to make music with that?

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Quest Part 3

Click here to read part one and here to read part two.

The five alphas crossed the mountains which marked the border between Appondale and the phantom´s territorry. It was easy because Amelia the fox dug a tunnel under them so they allncrossed quickly. Now they were all together, staring at the inmensity of that gloomy forest full of spooky trees, a rocky land with the sun blocked out with thick grey clouds, probably casted with a spell. They could see lots of small caves, probably the phantom´s homes, and a huge haunted mansion in the distance, which they asummed was the King of the Phantom´s mansion, and probably were the Key of Knowdlege was hidden.
Graham broke the silence. "What shall we do now?" He was answered with a loud "shhhhhhh" from all the alphas.
"First of all, keep your mouth shut" snapped Liza. "Well, now that Graham is quiet, maybe we should...."
"Run to the mansion, leave K.O. the King of the Phantoms and his guards, get the Key, return to Jamaa and be heroes!" interrupted the monkey alpha.
"Graham!" chorused the others. But it was already too late. they had been spotted. Several phantoms hovered over them, and one of them invocated a storm, as the others threw rays of electricity at the five alphas. Meanwhile, Sir Gilbert took quick action. He leaped at a phantom near him and crunched it in between his teeth. With a puff of black smoke the phantom was dead. The regal tiger warrior continued fighting, sinking his sharpn claws into his enemies. While he did this Greely quickly invocated a shadow which flew over the air, killing the phantoms. Then he blew a bubble with his paws. The bubble got bigger and bigger until it was a semisphere which covered the alphas. The phantoms tried to throw rays at it and traspass it, but they couldn´t.
"Quick!" yelled Greely. "This spell doesn´t last long!" Amelia dug a passage and they all dashed through it until they were certain they were not being followed.
Amelia dug up and they found themselves in a clear space in the forest. "Sorry" Graham apologized.
"Graham, you really need to learn how to be more discrete. And you should also learn how to recognise when it isn´t time for jokes."
"Sorry" replied the monkey alpha. "I will try to be more useful from now on"
"I hope that is true" growled Sir Gilbert.
"Arguing you aren´t going to get anywere." said Amelia. "Anyway, we have to camp now. Its getting dark."
"Its always dark here anyway" giggled Graham.  Fortunately, no one heard him.
But he was actually very useful when they were preparing the tent. He managed to put it up all by himself while Greely struggled to get out of a big rope he had got tangled in while he tried to put the tent up.
A while after the darkness of the night was only alterated by glistening fire outside the tent. The alphas were around it, eating. All of them except Greely. He was using dark magic to protect the tent from any possible phantom attacks.
"Good night." said Liza. "Hang on, any volunteers for guarding the tent this night?"
"OK, I will." offered Amelia.
So as the night took over the haunted night, Amelia sat next to the fire, while it crackled and glined until it ran out of fuel.
The next morning the alphas packed away and prepared to go to the mansion. When they were all set, they started walking up the mountain to get to the mansion. Whenever a phantom tried to attack them, Sir Gilber would jump and bite it dead, or Greely would send them some spell. If one tried to attack the others, Greely would cast a quick barrier so the phantom would just bump on it. A few times Greely was not quick enough so the others had to try to dodge the rays, but it mostly came out well.
At last they arrived to the mansion. It had non fence, but when Amelia tried to enter the yard, she was thrown backwards. Frustated, she tried to dig a tunnel, but the same happened when her paws scraped the ground.
"Its a curse" explained Greely. "Its like a bubble with the mansion and the yard inside there. Very advanced dark magic. It might take me a while to undo it."
After a while, the wolf alpha had managed to make a goey black ointment. He rubbed it on his paws and was able to climb the bubble without being thrown backwards. He mixed it with some dark matter he had created, and finally had a large amount of dark matter.
"Now" he said. "This is the only way to break that spell. I will turn this into a proyectile which, when thrown  at a great speed, will break a hole in the magic barrier. Graham, show how usefull you can be."
Surprisingly quickly, Graham built a catapult.
"Its my own desighn" he said proudly. "It can throw proyectiles at a great speed."
Togeher, the five alphas charged the catapult. The ball shot up in the air and landed just in the centre of the bubble. The alphas held their breath. And then, the ball formed a neat hole in the barrier.
"Yay!" shouted the alphas. Extramly excited, they all climbed the bubble using Greely´s ointment and jumped through the hole. They landed on the mansion´s roof and went in through the chimeney.
When they got into the atic, they saw a chest with a label that said "Key of Power, stolen from the Sky Mansion"
Full of emotion and suspense, Liza opened it with trembling paws. All the alphas gasped when they saw inside it a key carved with ancient Jamaasian runes.
When she was about to pick it up, they heard a deep, paused voice behind them: "Oh, it seems like someone here wants to stop us from stealing Jamaa´s knowdlege.
The alphas turned around and saw the King of the Phantoms right there, with a whole army of phantoms.
After four hours, the fight was still going on. But the alphas had to give up. There were too much phantoms and they were out of strength.
"We betrayed Mira." said Liza sadly.
"No spell can fight death." said Greely.
"All great things must come to an end." said Sir Gilbert.
"We'll see Zios soon" said Amelia.
"It was fun while it lasted" said Graham.
They looked at each other, knowing they had nothing to do and were about to die.
But suddenly, a strong and fast creature leaped out of the chimeney and clawed at the phantoms. More of them came out of the chimeny and started to fight the phantoms. And suddenly, there was a whole pack of female lions fighting there. They soon left the King of the Phantoms and his army out of combat, and came out of the mansion, Liza clutching firmly the Key of Knowdlege in her paw.
"Thank you." she said to their saviours. "We will never be able to make up for that. You saved our lives, saved the Key and saved Jamaa."
"Well." said one of the lions. "You saved Jamaa. We just saved you from the phantoms. We had to do something for you after you saved all the male lions in our pack."
So when the sun was hiding behind the mountains that marked the border between the phantom´s territory and Appindale, the female lions went back to their land.
Mira and all the other alphas were waiting for the missioners in Appondale. There was a massive chear when they arrived.
When everyone had calmed down, Mira climbed the Claws and Paws tree and said.
"Dear alphas, you have showed your desire to save Jamaa and returned the Key of Knowdlege to its place, saving Jamaa and keeping all the knowdlege in this land save. Now, are there any questions?"
"Yes" said Marco the penguin apha. "I would like to know what is behind the trapdoor."
"When the time comes you will all know." said Mira. "And that might be a lot sooner than I thought..."
But she was interrupted. "PARTY!" yelled Graham.
And everyone laughed and joined the fun that lasted all night long.

So, with that, "The Quest" is finished. I hope you enjoyed it!

Football Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s item is good if you like football... And if you are a member.
I preffer soccer anyway. I don´t even know how to play american football. In my opinion, if a sport is so dangerous you need a helmet, then its too violent for me XD
Also, the HQ posted the news crew article:
Click to enlarge and read. Congratulations Fauna Theivy, whoever you are, but... Aren´t there jammers in the Summer Carnival complaining about the lack of no member items? I have seen a few.
Oh, and about Ainoa18´s AJ comic, probably we can publish the first three pages tomorrow. 
Also, you might have noticed I am no longer posting Daily Videos. Reason is, they take ages to upload so make my posts late.
So Jam on!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Quest Part 2

Click here if you haven´t read part 1 yet!

"A very important one?" gasped Peck. Now there was a crowd of jammers and alphas all around Mira who said:
"I am talking about the Key of knowdlege. It opens the trapdoor in the chamber of knowdlege. And as you know, all the secrets and knowldlege of Jamaa are there. You can´t imagine how terrible it would be if the phantoms went in there. Only Zios and me know what secrets lay behind that trapdoor."
Now Graham had stoped joking and chuckling. Although he loved lauhing and having a good time, his smile had faded away now he had discovered how menacing the phantoms were in that moment.
"So" Mira continued, "We certainly have no choice other than to go directly into teh phantoms territory. I will choose the five alphas that I think will do better."
All the alphas looked nerveously at her. They all wanted to go, to show Mira how they could work and to get the key back and be heroes, but, on the other paw... Right into the phantom´s territory? That would certainly be a very perilous journey.
Mira started speaking again:
"We need a powerful, regal warrior in case we have to fight. We need a warrior that will keep phantoms out of the way. Sir Gilbert, you certainly fit in with all these features."
Everyone looked at the tiger alpha, who said. "Okay. I will do it." He put on his magic armor, which used to be Zios´s property but he gave it to Sir Gilbert before his death, and clunched in his claws his magnificent silver sword.
Mira said:
"We need a sly and clever alpha, a good spy who will be able to give us every detail about the phantom´s plans to stop us, an alpha who can listen without being heard or seen. Amelia, you are the most appropiate one."
The fox looked at Mira, and then joined Sir Gilbert next to the juice hut.
The next thing Mira said was:
"We certainly need a magician. The phantom´s territory is protected with all sort of black magic, and we need someone who can undo them. Greely, after all you are the only one here who can do black magic."
Greely, who as all jammers know can teleport from shadow to shadow, teleported to the one nearest to teh others."
The next alpha that Mira named was a big surprise for evryone.
"We need an alpha who has a good sense of humour, who can work well with machinery and is good with contraptions. Graham, if you please?"
Of everyone present there, Graham was certainly the most surprised.
"And" said Mira lastly, "we need a patient, calm alpha who has common sense, an alpha with an exploring spirit who can act wisely under pressure. Liza, you will be the organizer."
Liza joined Sir Gilbert, Amelia, Greely and Graham.
"Well" said Mira. "I wish you luck. The future of Jamaa is on your paws."
And after pronouncing these words, the heron flew away.
The alphas who were doing the quest looked nerveously at each other, and then crossed the borders of Jamaa.

To be continued!


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here, sorry for not posting yesterday. Today we have a PAWSOME update!
Wow! Is that the "adventure" we have been waiting for?
Yeah, spirit gloves blah blah... And Club geoz is being renovating! Seems exciting to me!
Hum... No news from Cosmo? 
Yay! Calls from the wild are back! And also, maybe I should draw a summer Jam a Gram.
Talking about drawing, Ainoa18 (who I know in real life) has asked me if I mind if he makes comic adaptations of my AJ legends! Of coure I said "of course I don´t mind, that would be awesome". 
As far as I know right now he is starting one of "the Great Phantom war". If he lets me I will put "sneak peaks" as soon as he gets something done!
So stay tuned for Ainoa18´s comic legends!
And talking about my legends, I am now going to start working on The Quest Part 2!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Green Lawn Chair

Hiya Jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today I have two reasons to be happy!
1. My screen recorder is no longer walloza! I can make videos again!
2. At least in Spain, there is no school tomorrow!
Well, as I am not sure if you like it when I go on and on about my life, here is the new item!
A returning item. I am glad its back because it certainly is a good adition to any garden, but it is one of those items that should seriously be non member.
And  here is today´s video, this time about the homes of the different alphas!
So, Jam on!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rare Beret & Weekly Question #2

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! The RIM for today is:
And this week´s weekly question is:
Were do you think Cosmo the koala alpha lives?
I know it´s pure opinion, but most creative answer will probably win. Be sure to enter for a chance to win this foc hat, you have until Wednesday!
And sorry, my screen recorder is still "walloza" so I can´t do a video D: If you miss the videos, be sure to visit my youtube channel for some randomness. (I use the words random, randomly and randomness way too much)
See ya in Jamaa, remeber to play wild?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Photos

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting lately and not being online, my computer was "walloza" as indio would say. I just decided I would post some of my photographs so you get to see things from around my life. So, there they go:
This first lot of photos are from a visit to a market thingy that´s very close to my house. Its like a place with stalls and doors to shops, if you see what I mean. Next time I go I´ll take a pic of it.
I went into a shop. And why on Jamaa did I take a photograph of eggs!? Even I don´t know.
Yes, it was a food shop.
Then I went into the flower shop and this is the best pic I took.
I also took this random one.
That one is from a weird ornament thingy shop. 
Wacky view from my house.
A few days after that we went to the countryside! 
I was photographing flowers and trees and I suddely noticed a cow spying me!
Another cow! But then I had to go because I was getting dizzy with the smell of the cows.
Yes, flowers are better. At least they don´t spy you.
Now what are those leafy things?
I like those plants!
And once again, Killer the Miniature Pinscher kills the world with his cuteness!
But lets not forget Lula, the Tibetan Terrier who smiles!
So, those are, in my opinion, the best photos I have taken. I took all of them with my father´s camera, except the one of Lula, which I took with my tablet. 
I might get a camera of my own soon, but I am not sure. 
Scroll down for the new item post!
See ya in Jamaa, remember to play wild!

Fruit Hat

Hiya Jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, no, I haven´t quited. I have been busy, sorry. can´t wait till summer. Today´s Item is:

Credit to Kinyonga, my computer is wallooza and I cannot go on AJ.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, the new item is...
This is today´s video:

See ya in Jamaa, remeber to play wild!