Monday, May 13, 2013

Camouflage boots and Weekly Question #1

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today we have a RIM which has lots of things against...
Ugly, member only, expensive and human. If it was underwater it would win the prize for Worst RIM in the history of Jamaa.
But AJHQ seem to like it, look at their post about it:
Moving on to happier matters, I decided to start something called "Weekly Question" to make this blog more fun.
So bassically it consists on me posting a question about Jamaa every Monday. You comment with the answer and out of the correct answers I randomly choose a winner who gets a prize. I would anounce the winner evry Wednesday so you have two days to enter. This is this week´s Weekly Question:
When did AJHQ first release the trading system?
You can do anything to find the answer, look it up on the web, ask someone... Also, remeber to include your username in your comment, or else I wont be able to send/trade you the prize if you win.
The winner will get a Hot Cocoa Machine:
Sorry its not great, but if I am going to do this every week I can´t have huge prizes. Good Luck!
And let´s not forget the Daily Video, this time it is about Gem Donations!
Personally, I sometimes do big donations but everyday I donate whatever I get in the spin. Imagine how many endangered species we could save if every jammer donated every day as little as 100 gems. 
See ya in Jamaa, remember to play wild!


  1. I would have to say two months after beta?


  2. Yep, RUBBISH item!!! Especially, it being purple utterly defeats the purpose of it being camouflage X3
    Meep...I believe it was released in March 2011. But I hope we don't have to put the exact date? O.o


  3. Hey,I'm akustar
    I think it was early 2012 like March or February
    thanks :P

    1. Change my guess (not based off of other people's) to June 2011.

    2. Derp! I didn't mean that to be a reply.

      My new official guess (after an accidental discovery) is March 2011, and to be specific, March 31.

  4. I'm pretty sure April 2011? I don't exactly know...


  5. AJ released the trading system on April 30, 2011.

  6. The trade system was introduced to AJ on March, 2011.

    Username: yuyu39427

  7. maybe Jan. 2011 idk -apr24-

  8. I am glamerousbunny.You can send it to me. But if i dont win... also maybe you could TRADE it to MRPiePie or bunzibunzzz or MrFluffy000.Or you could SEND it to bunzibun.

  9. Do we have to do the exact day? I saw on AJ Help, it was on April of 2011

  10. Username: cubscout9

    Answer: April the 30th 2011

    Note: Mister Chunky Buddy, there is a slight flaw in your plan, lots of people will just copy other peoples comments so I would put moderation on.

  11. I believe trading came out January 19, 2012, maybe? I think that was just the party though. Oh well. I don't need rares anyways. I already got a cocoa machine. Mmmmmm... Yummy cocoa...

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