Saturday, May 4, 2013

Musketeer boots

Hi, sorry for that tiny break, I have been busy. this is today´s item:
It goes with yesterday´s item which I didn´t post, the musketeer hat. But have you notice what a huge lazyness AJHQ shows with this item? They are exactly the same as the cowboy boots but with a different color. 
I decided that from now on I am not going to put the colors of items unless they are interesting colors or "shapes", because it takes time and with items as boring and repetitive as this one it is quite pointless. So, as this item is categorized as "boring" in the MisterChunkybuddy item categorizing system I suppose I will pass to the Daily Explorer post:
Ok, ok, we all know that, special monthly gift bla bla...
And I got this message:
Yes, AJHQ, I have seen it quite a lot of times and every single time I have seen it I have wished it was non member.
Personally, I think that Monthly Member gifts are OK, but there should also be a Monthly Jammer gift, so members get gifts for buying memberships and all jammers, both members and non members get a gift evry month (a non member one, of course) as a thank you gift from AJHQ for being jammers. AJHQ should be thankfull to every single jammer, the membership status is not important. 
What do you think about this ideas? 
Jam on!


  1. I am having a goood saturday LATER today. I am going to look at some new houses because my mum thinks it fun not that we are gonna buy one. My cousins are coming to stay and im having a roast dinner.

    I think monthly jammer gifts sound good because you know the more non members play animal jam the more theyll want member ship. Simple as.

    1. Looking at houses is fun? -_-
      What I really find fun is making houses in minecraft.

    2. do you have to buy minecraft with money?

    3. Why are you talking about minecraft on an animal jam blog?

  2. Yeah minecraft -drawls for a second- i remember the first time i made my own minecraft house

  3. Cece3546/MarethyuSaturday, May 04, 2013

    I love the idea. ^.^

  4. the non-member gift idea rocks!

  5. TRADE ME RARE BOW!!! ... pleaaaaase! -Snowcone61


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