Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spirit Glove and Emerald birthstone

Hi! Happy May! This is the member gift:
They sure are cool! Mine hasn´t arrived yet but I will edit this when it does. 
Moving on to the new item, it is:
So, happy jamming, have a happy Wednesday!


  1. aevan10 here So when do we get the Spirit Glove?

  2. It would be cool if AJ gave us spirit tail armor.


  3. I want spirit spike collor ~ lawman11 #.#

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  5. hey im smallpaint can you trade me a WHITE tail?!

  6. *AHEM* Seeing everyone here in the comments only wants stuff....

    WHY PEOPLE WHY!?!?!?

    Why have (most) members become so selfish & greedy?
    Why have (most) members started scamming non members off thier rares? D:
    Why have (most) members start to think being a non-mem is bad?
    (Incase you dont know what i meant in that last question: most members seem to start going all crazy when there memship is ending..they all go in a frenzy for rares or start getting more non member stuff (but then colored.))

    Ive even seen someone who thinks being a non-mem is FILTHY!
    When i saw that i was like ''OMG SRSLY?!?!!? there's something wrong with this b****! (srry bout the cussin' there :P)

    Now to all who think like that person & are greedy for VIRTUAL STUFF (basicly NOT REAL -.-') here's a quote i once heard : Non-Mems EARN Thier Rares, Mems Just GET Thier Rares. -FireScar {A.K.A asid4}

    - -
    - Unkown Person From AJ

    1. Srry If I Was Spamming The Space There in That Comment, You See I Just Use Good Grammar But My Keyboard Gets Stuck Alot

      ( & Correction in My Other Comment : *Unknown Person From AJ.)

      - -
      - Unknown Person From AJ

  7. yeah. so cool but i was a member but now i'm a non member, it would be so cool if there was a non member lava glove and spirit glove and the adventures and eagles and arctic wolves and some member pets. Plz add me, im, ~littleer~



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