Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Quest Part 2

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"A very important one?" gasped Peck. Now there was a crowd of jammers and alphas all around Mira who said:
"I am talking about the Key of knowdlege. It opens the trapdoor in the chamber of knowdlege. And as you know, all the secrets and knowldlege of Jamaa are there. You can´t imagine how terrible it would be if the phantoms went in there. Only Zios and me know what secrets lay behind that trapdoor."
Now Graham had stoped joking and chuckling. Although he loved lauhing and having a good time, his smile had faded away now he had discovered how menacing the phantoms were in that moment.
"So" Mira continued, "We certainly have no choice other than to go directly into teh phantoms territory. I will choose the five alphas that I think will do better."
All the alphas looked nerveously at her. They all wanted to go, to show Mira how they could work and to get the key back and be heroes, but, on the other paw... Right into the phantom´s territory? That would certainly be a very perilous journey.
Mira started speaking again:
"We need a powerful, regal warrior in case we have to fight. We need a warrior that will keep phantoms out of the way. Sir Gilbert, you certainly fit in with all these features."
Everyone looked at the tiger alpha, who said. "Okay. I will do it." He put on his magic armor, which used to be Zios´s property but he gave it to Sir Gilbert before his death, and clunched in his claws his magnificent silver sword.
Mira said:
"We need a sly and clever alpha, a good spy who will be able to give us every detail about the phantom´s plans to stop us, an alpha who can listen without being heard or seen. Amelia, you are the most appropiate one."
The fox looked at Mira, and then joined Sir Gilbert next to the juice hut.
The next thing Mira said was:
"We certainly need a magician. The phantom´s territory is protected with all sort of black magic, and we need someone who can undo them. Greely, after all you are the only one here who can do black magic."
Greely, who as all jammers know can teleport from shadow to shadow, teleported to the one nearest to teh others."
The next alpha that Mira named was a big surprise for evryone.
"We need an alpha who has a good sense of humour, who can work well with machinery and is good with contraptions. Graham, if you please?"
Of everyone present there, Graham was certainly the most surprised.
"And" said Mira lastly, "we need a patient, calm alpha who has common sense, an alpha with an exploring spirit who can act wisely under pressure. Liza, you will be the organizer."
Liza joined Sir Gilbert, Amelia, Greely and Graham.
"Well" said Mira. "I wish you luck. The future of Jamaa is on your paws."
And after pronouncing these words, the heron flew away.
The alphas who were doing the quest looked nerveously at each other, and then crossed the borders of Jamaa.

To be continued!


  1. I bet I know which alphas will go! :3

  2. Hi, MCB! Your descriptions of the Alphas seem to match mine. I hope you write the next one soon!

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  5. please continue soon!

  6. you said the future of jamma is ON your paws instead of IN your paws

  7. Cool! I'm reading part 3 in a minute!


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