Friday, May 24, 2013

The Quest Part 3

Click here to read part one and here to read part two.

The five alphas crossed the mountains which marked the border between Appondale and the phantom´s territorry. It was easy because Amelia the fox dug a tunnel under them so they allncrossed quickly. Now they were all together, staring at the inmensity of that gloomy forest full of spooky trees, a rocky land with the sun blocked out with thick grey clouds, probably casted with a spell. They could see lots of small caves, probably the phantom´s homes, and a huge haunted mansion in the distance, which they asummed was the King of the Phantom´s mansion, and probably were the Key of Knowdlege was hidden.
Graham broke the silence. "What shall we do now?" He was answered with a loud "shhhhhhh" from all the alphas.
"First of all, keep your mouth shut" snapped Liza. "Well, now that Graham is quiet, maybe we should...."
"Run to the mansion, leave K.O. the King of the Phantoms and his guards, get the Key, return to Jamaa and be heroes!" interrupted the monkey alpha.
"Graham!" chorused the others. But it was already too late. they had been spotted. Several phantoms hovered over them, and one of them invocated a storm, as the others threw rays of electricity at the five alphas. Meanwhile, Sir Gilbert took quick action. He leaped at a phantom near him and crunched it in between his teeth. With a puff of black smoke the phantom was dead. The regal tiger warrior continued fighting, sinking his sharpn claws into his enemies. While he did this Greely quickly invocated a shadow which flew over the air, killing the phantoms. Then he blew a bubble with his paws. The bubble got bigger and bigger until it was a semisphere which covered the alphas. The phantoms tried to throw rays at it and traspass it, but they couldn´t.
"Quick!" yelled Greely. "This spell doesn´t last long!" Amelia dug a passage and they all dashed through it until they were certain they were not being followed.
Amelia dug up and they found themselves in a clear space in the forest. "Sorry" Graham apologized.
"Graham, you really need to learn how to be more discrete. And you should also learn how to recognise when it isn´t time for jokes."
"Sorry" replied the monkey alpha. "I will try to be more useful from now on"
"I hope that is true" growled Sir Gilbert.
"Arguing you aren´t going to get anywere." said Amelia. "Anyway, we have to camp now. Its getting dark."
"Its always dark here anyway" giggled Graham.  Fortunately, no one heard him.
But he was actually very useful when they were preparing the tent. He managed to put it up all by himself while Greely struggled to get out of a big rope he had got tangled in while he tried to put the tent up.
A while after the darkness of the night was only alterated by glistening fire outside the tent. The alphas were around it, eating. All of them except Greely. He was using dark magic to protect the tent from any possible phantom attacks.
"Good night." said Liza. "Hang on, any volunteers for guarding the tent this night?"
"OK, I will." offered Amelia.
So as the night took over the haunted night, Amelia sat next to the fire, while it crackled and glined until it ran out of fuel.
The next morning the alphas packed away and prepared to go to the mansion. When they were all set, they started walking up the mountain to get to the mansion. Whenever a phantom tried to attack them, Sir Gilber would jump and bite it dead, or Greely would send them some spell. If one tried to attack the others, Greely would cast a quick barrier so the phantom would just bump on it. A few times Greely was not quick enough so the others had to try to dodge the rays, but it mostly came out well.
At last they arrived to the mansion. It had non fence, but when Amelia tried to enter the yard, she was thrown backwards. Frustated, she tried to dig a tunnel, but the same happened when her paws scraped the ground.
"Its a curse" explained Greely. "Its like a bubble with the mansion and the yard inside there. Very advanced dark magic. It might take me a while to undo it."
After a while, the wolf alpha had managed to make a goey black ointment. He rubbed it on his paws and was able to climb the bubble without being thrown backwards. He mixed it with some dark matter he had created, and finally had a large amount of dark matter.
"Now" he said. "This is the only way to break that spell. I will turn this into a proyectile which, when thrown  at a great speed, will break a hole in the magic barrier. Graham, show how usefull you can be."
Surprisingly quickly, Graham built a catapult.
"Its my own desighn" he said proudly. "It can throw proyectiles at a great speed."
Togeher, the five alphas charged the catapult. The ball shot up in the air and landed just in the centre of the bubble. The alphas held their breath. And then, the ball formed a neat hole in the barrier.
"Yay!" shouted the alphas. Extramly excited, they all climbed the bubble using Greely´s ointment and jumped through the hole. They landed on the mansion´s roof and went in through the chimeney.
When they got into the atic, they saw a chest with a label that said "Key of Power, stolen from the Sky Mansion"
Full of emotion and suspense, Liza opened it with trembling paws. All the alphas gasped when they saw inside it a key carved with ancient Jamaasian runes.
When she was about to pick it up, they heard a deep, paused voice behind them: "Oh, it seems like someone here wants to stop us from stealing Jamaa´s knowdlege.
The alphas turned around and saw the King of the Phantoms right there, with a whole army of phantoms.
After four hours, the fight was still going on. But the alphas had to give up. There were too much phantoms and they were out of strength.
"We betrayed Mira." said Liza sadly.
"No spell can fight death." said Greely.
"All great things must come to an end." said Sir Gilbert.
"We'll see Zios soon" said Amelia.
"It was fun while it lasted" said Graham.
They looked at each other, knowing they had nothing to do and were about to die.
But suddenly, a strong and fast creature leaped out of the chimeney and clawed at the phantoms. More of them came out of the chimeny and started to fight the phantoms. And suddenly, there was a whole pack of female lions fighting there. They soon left the King of the Phantoms and his army out of combat, and came out of the mansion, Liza clutching firmly the Key of Knowdlege in her paw.
"Thank you." she said to their saviours. "We will never be able to make up for that. You saved our lives, saved the Key and saved Jamaa."
"Well." said one of the lions. "You saved Jamaa. We just saved you from the phantoms. We had to do something for you after you saved all the male lions in our pack."
So when the sun was hiding behind the mountains that marked the border between the phantom´s territory and Appindale, the female lions went back to their land.
Mira and all the other alphas were waiting for the missioners in Appondale. There was a massive chear when they arrived.
When everyone had calmed down, Mira climbed the Claws and Paws tree and said.
"Dear alphas, you have showed your desire to save Jamaa and returned the Key of Knowdlege to its place, saving Jamaa and keeping all the knowdlege in this land save. Now, are there any questions?"
"Yes" said Marco the penguin apha. "I would like to know what is behind the trapdoor."
"When the time comes you will all know." said Mira. "And that might be a lot sooner than I thought..."
But she was interrupted. "PARTY!" yelled Graham.
And everyone laughed and joined the fun that lasted all night long.

So, with that, "The Quest" is finished. I hope you enjoyed it!


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  7. Um... Okay... Great story, but could use some work.

  8. Umm........Okay,nice story, but FULL of GRAMMATICAL and SPELLING errors.You Can Do Better!Come ON! Even my third grade sister can do better!

  9. Hm. I just want to say great story! But there are a lot strange comments whereas people advertise their websites. O.O atracct women? really?

  10. You are amazing at wrighting! You should wright a book! ~Purplewolf1314

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  12. Mister ChunkyBuddy, can you do a story of when the jammers and alphas find out what's behind the trapdoor? Because, Near to the end of this story Mira said they might find out sooner than she thought. ~wolfprincess675


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