Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Story of Jamaa

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, this is my second poem, hope you like it. It is the story of Jamaa but in rhyme. That picture is just a title thingy I made for it.
His name was Zios the Sky Father
He was a spirit full of talent
With gold he made his mask
And started his task.
His task was to create a land
With beaches full of sand
Bushy forests, lots of trees,
Mushrooms beneath the canopees.
High mountains full of snow
With nature high and low.
So, full of inspiration
He started his creation
Jamaa is the name he gave it
He lived on it for quite a bit.
But then he became lonely
Because if it was him only
He couldn´t have at all fun.
But, near the bright sun
He saw a pretty sight
Bathed by the light
Was a pretty bird
In a melodic voice he heard
"My name is Mira, who are you?"
And soon, those two
Became the Queen and King
They had a wedding ring
And they build up in the sky
A house amazingly high
It would be their home
Now they would never be alone.
But, they had to do one more thing
They had to fill Jamaa in
Whith animals of all kinds
Who would support them at all times.
Little bunnies who ran around,
Big wolves who made a howling sound,
Koalas danced all night
Monkeys who climbed all right,
Seals that dived in the seaside,
Roaring tigers full of pride,
Pandas muching on bamboo,
My, it looked like a zoo!
And, to control the crowd
The gods decided, very proud
To choose animals with a great mind
Who would lead the animals of their kind
So that was the alphas beggining,
They were very different beings.
Liza the explorer,
Leader to the others,
Sir Gilbert, who would defend,
The land from a battle with no end,
Peck, an artist full of talent,
And joyfull Harper, so valent.
Greely the magician
Graham in the joker´s position,
And Cosmo the herbalist.
But, between the mist,
Something evil has happening,
Some traders were turning in,
Instead of playfull jammers,
Mean and egoist scammers.
When she saw such a sight,
Mira cried all night.
Her tears fell to the ground,
And with a creaking sound,
Phantoms had been formed,
And around the land they roamed,
Ruining all the fun,
While jammers were on the run.
Zios offered a deal,
And so, full of thrill,
Said we would treat
The phantoms as if it,
Was just a mistake
And the phantoms wouldn´t take
Over the land he´d made,
As long as they behaved.
But the phantoms shot a ray
And right there, Zios lay
Motionless and dead,
But with good thoughts in his head.
Now things in Jamaa are okay,
Although the phantoms may
Still be trying to thrive,
New animals have arrived.
And all alphas contribute
To keep away those ghastly brutes
And now Jamaa is a land,
Whose future´s in our hands.
And even if you´re just a child
Just remember to play wild.

So that´s it, I hoped you liked it! I partly did it for Kinyonga´s poem contest, Click here to enter.
Jam on!
P.S. Random thing! Happy 350 post!


  1. Wow that is a long one! I entered her contest aswell but my poem wasnt half the size of that, you are bound to win!

    1. Quality counts more than cuantity, don´t forget that.

    2. if jamma war 4 starts from phantom i will you know
      in AJHQ i said i need guns for killing scammers
      and phantoms and for it i need guns you know it

    3. Isn´t that a bit... Sadic? XD

  2. Oh my god that is AMAZING! I love the rhymes! And that title thing is epic too! YOU ARE AWESOME MISTERCHUNKYBUDDY!!!!

    1. Dear MisterChunkyBuddy,

      I am a talented writer like you but i never get the chance to write any stories and show them to people. Do you think you could let me get a chance? Do you have any writing contest? please tell me if you do. :)


  3. EPIC. The most epic epic epic epic thing of epicness! O.O How DID you think it up?! Whenever I try and make a poem like that, it goes off on a weird trail... :p
    By the way, 2 spelling mistakes XD
    "weding" should be "wedding" with 2 Ds and "Gods" should be "gods" with no capital :3

    1. Woops, thanks for telling me! -Fixes it-
      Also I am glad you like it.
      How did I think it up? I just thought "I am going to make a poem for Kinyonga´s contest!" and I just wrote the story of Jamaa trying to make it rhyme.

    2. Another spelling error: you spell "with" wrong its with not Whith. And great poem and LONG.

  4. Aaahhhh I'm sure you'll win! That poem is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

    1. Well, I am showing my poem before I enter, but maybe there is someone who has entered an incredible poem but just havent showed it to anyone yet.

    2. Ya know that COULD ryhme just that
      Aaahhhh I'm sure you'll be the one winning.
      That poem is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
      yep ryhmes

  5. That was amazing and emotional I have to post that on my facebook page ;-; thank you for that lovely poem

  6. whoa.. gods? sorry I just don’t think of them as gods I think of Zios as very powerful but not a god BUT YOU HAVE AN AWESOME TALLENT FOR WRITING!!!! cool story! btw I am tigerfort I love this blog. do you every notice that some people in jamaa don’t even know who Mira is?

  7. Wow it's very long, but you did an amazing job! I love this poem you have a talent for writing!

  8. yeah I liked it too

  9. MisterChunkyBuddy can we meet on aj sometime
    PS I said that cos' your'e epic

  10. Dude, this is just plain AWESOME!!! -fredmonster2003

  11. … nice but AJHQ said that the phantoms cam AFTER zios died
    BTW your a good poet! keep up the good work!

  12. I LOVE IT!!!!! I have one question though..... what animal was Zios?

  13. love ur legends. buddy me im peaceandharmony09

  14. I know this post may be old... is it? But I had to comment on this anyway! This poem is beautiful, and so true! This has inspired me so much! Great peom!

  15. Yes that was a wonderful poem but truly Zios didn't die he was took by the phantoms o,o


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