Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here, sorry for not posting yesterday. Today we have a PAWSOME update!
Wow! Is that the "adventure" we have been waiting for?
Yeah, spirit gloves blah blah... And Club geoz is being renovating! Seems exciting to me!
Hum... No news from Cosmo? 
Yay! Calls from the wild are back! And also, maybe I should draw a summer Jam a Gram.
Talking about drawing, Ainoa18 (who I know in real life) has asked me if I mind if he makes comic adaptations of my AJ legends! Of coure I said "of course I don´t mind, that would be awesome". 
As far as I know right now he is starting one of "the Great Phantom war". If he lets me I will put "sneak peaks" as soon as he gets something done!
So stay tuned for Ainoa18´s comic legends!
And talking about my legends, I am now going to start working on The Quest Part 2!


So, all of you know what comments you shouldn´t do, but here´s a reminder:
1- No comments on unappropiate subjects. Remember there are jammers of all ages looking at this.
2- You can advertise your blog if you want, I have no problem with it.
3- Only visit the blog if you like it. (What is the point in visiting it otherwise?)
4-There are loads of spam comments. (Robotic, authomatic advertisements) Just ignore them, ok?
5-Sorry if I take ages to reply, I am busy and there are a lot of comments.
Also, if you don´t have a blogger profile, it would be nice if you included your username, so people know who you are.
Happy Commenting!