Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vacations- See ya in 12 days!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Like everyone does sometime in the summer, I am going on vacation!
I am going to a summer camp in the mountains for twelve days, it will be so cool!
While I am away I won´t be able to post, because were I am going it isn´t aloud to bring a computer/tablet/mobile phone and anyway there is no wifi.
So, I hope you have fun jamming and checking my old posts and pages. 
Moderators, please keep an eye on the comments to make sure no one says something innappropiate.
The "What do you think about rares?" poll has ended, click here to see the results.
Please vote on the new one!
By the way, I made a list of all the claw plushies in Jamaa!
Click for full size! And please don´t use it on your blog without credit, it took ages to make.
I am looking forward to coming back to this blog on the 12th July to see all the views and comments! :D
Happy Jamming!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Freedom Astronaut Helmet

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry about this late post, I had to go to a wedding and after that I had to go to buy things for the summer camp I will be going to on Monday. This is today´s new item:

Pic credit to snowyclaw, no freedom parties going on.
AJHQ made a post:

Sorry, I have no time for more.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Freedom kitties

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! These are the two cute new items, sold at the Freedom Plushie stall at the Summer Carnival!
Today´s featured comment is:
Lots of jammers want to break it, 01Herooftime, but as far as I know it is not possible. But it is still fun to try and see how many jumping jammers you can get on  the ice or bridge. Who knows? Maybe AJHQ will add that feature in a future update.
And finally, here is AJHQ´s daily post.
So long, jammers!

Freedom Party 2013

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I haven´t found the new item, Animal Jam probably has not been updated yet. But I saw there was a freedom party so I decided to make a video. There it goes.
So, I hope you liked it! I will post the new item when I find it. Happy jamming!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scamming and Hacking

Hiya Jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! This is a random post which will hopefully help you to keep your rares safe. Grab your popcorn!
There are lots of jammers out there in Jamaa who want to get other´s item. Some do so by tricking them into giving them. These jammers are called scammers. These are some types of scam:

  •                                                          The contest scam

These contests never end. They last forever and at the end the winner is never announced. The best way to avoid this scam is just not taking part in these contests.
  • The decline all trades scam
These people just say they decline all trades. Obviosly, when you trade them a pawsome rare they change their minds and accept.
  • The two trades scam
To explain about this scam, I will tell you a story:
Ainoa18 was roaming around in summer 2012. He suddenly saw a bunny with Non Member Bat Wings at the Summer Carnival. That has always been his dream item, so he asked the bunny what for them. The bunny was called crazycomebacksoon. Crazycomebacksoon told Ainoa18 "My dream item is yellow tail armor. I will trade the wings for yellow tail armor." Just then, incredibly quickly, a seal named hihihi12123 appeared. He had a yellow tail armor. "Do you want to trade for my tail armor?" he asked Ainoa18. Ainoa18 said yes, and hihihi12123 went to his den to see what items he wanted for the tail. Hihihi12123 finally chose a rocking horse, gecko banner, first birthday cake and candy basket. Ainoa18 did the trade, thinking he would get the wings. He found crazycomebacksoon and aked to do the trade. But crazycomebacksoon ran away! A while later, we discovered that crazycomebacksoon and hihihi12123 were the same person! So Ainoa18 had been scammed by only one person. And was left with a tail armor, about twenty times less rare than the items he had traded for it.
Sad, I know :C. But this story has a happy ending. A few days ago I got Nonmember Bat Wings and traded them to Ainoa18. And in case you´re wondering, the tail armor is actually the one on my member outfit. XD
So the moral of this story and the way of preventing this scam is: Only do one trade at a time.
  • The New Item scam
This scam is quite frequent. It has happened to me two times, and consists on, when a rare comes out, trading it to someone who doesn´t know it has been resold. It can also happen when scammers trade new items to other jammers pretending the new items are betas.To prevent it, you must always beware were someone offers you an unknown item, and be sure to check the shops or an updates blog every day to make sure you know what the new item is.
  • The Betting scam
Lots of jammers in Jamaa enjoy betting. Each jammer bets an item, they both play a buddy game, and whoever loses has to send the item they had betted to the other jammer. This can be very fun, fut you have to be honest. Some jammers bet with someone who trusts them, and get items. But when they lose, they run away. This happened to me with a friends I trusted >_<
To prevent this scam, you  must be honest when betting (otherwise others wont be with you) and only bet with people you trust. I have a group of friends that like betting and are honest, and it is very fun to bet with them! (Although some of them are really hard to beat. Are you reading this, Kinyonga? XD)

There are loads more, but those are some types of scam. Now for hacking.
As everyone knows, hacking is when someone gets into another persons account without permission, ussually to get their rares. There are only two ways with which someone can hack you:

  1. If they know your password.
  2. If they manage to get into your parent account.
The best way to avoid the first one is very simple: Have a difficult to guess password and, of course, never tell it to anyone.
To avoid the second one, the best thing to do is ask your parents to make sure their parent account´s password is really hard to guess, and preferably, don´t tell anyone your parent´s email.
Here is a list of things you can do to protect your account from getting hacked:

  1. Change your password to a very safe one, with both letters and numbers.
  2. Get your parents to change their parent account passowrd to a safer one.
  3. If you are going on vacation or won´t log in in a long time for some reason, get your parents to disable your account using the parent dashboard. If your account is disabled no one can go into it, and the only way to get it back to normal is using the parent dashboard. That meand that, hopefully, no one will be able to go into your account even if they know the password. When you want to log in again, simply get your parents to enable your account.

So that´s it, I hope it was helpfull, be safe, bye!


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting yesterday, unfortunately my computer went wallooza and I had to ask indio (the absolute computer genius) to fix it. Thanks indio! :D
So, now my computer is fixed, here is the all-new update!
Yay! I love Freedom Parties!
All Freedom Items are awesome.
Its so epic! Nonmembers, you can easily be a Phoenix by wearing a red eagle hat and using color 1 red and color 2 cream!
A reminder...
...a little guide...
...and another reminder!
Wow, be sure to get one while you can!
Today´s featured comment is a really random one.
Yes, he is called Killer.
Cute little Killy XD
Well, be sure to have fun in this amazing update!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freedom Cat Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! This is today´s returning item!
Today´s featured comment is one from yesterday´s weekly question!
Very creative answer, lawman11! When you come online I will trade you a golden mummy glove!
Also, the Headquarters made FIVE 0_0 posts. And what makes it even more incredible, they are all about dens!
One is a guide for begginers...
...the next one, a setting guide...
...also a den item guide...
... a member benefits one...
...and an Epic Den one!
Congratulations, Crunchy Coolpenguin!
Also, I have very good news. Well, maybe they are not that good for you but certainly for me.

Well, it might´ve been difficult to miss that sentence. So... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy! I am now in my summer holidays and can post very early, write new legends, improve the blog, and, most importantly... Jam on!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rare Army Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So this is today´s "rare":
It is ugly, if you want my opinion. This week´s weekly question is a use-your-imagination one:
Graham has a key tied to his tail. What is this key and were does it lead?
I hope you are feeling creative, I enjoy reading your replies to these questions.
Also, I decided to do a featured comment today:
Very interesting comment, Articwolf708! Here is what I think:
And last (and certainly least XD) here are some posts from AJHQ.
There is one about the RIM...
... a boring one advertising member benefits...
...and one about the all-new Kangaroo´s!
To be filosofical about it, Kangaroos are kinda in beta! XD
Happy Jamming!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freedom Bunny Hat

Hiya Jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So yeah, sorry for not posting.
 On Thursday I just met a nice jammer and had a party with some buddies and totally forgot about doing a post XD
On Friday it was my birthday and I was very busy. By the way, my parents renewed my membership for me as a birthday gift :D
And yesterday I had a birthday party so couldn´t post.
This post is a bit late because yesterday I was up until past midnight eating the remains from the party. For those who don´t know it, in real life I am a great eater... lol
But I haven´t been just wasting time the days that I havent posted. As promised, as soon as I got my membership I made video guides of all the adventures. I haven´t uploaded them yet because there seems to be a problem with the new page, when I click it it just brings me to the Home page. So I will tell ya when I manage to make the new page. Does any of the clever, experienced bloggers out there have any help?
Well, I will stop going off topic like I always do and show you the new item.
Cool, and non member too! The Headquarters posted this, rather interesting in my opinion, what do you think?
Also, today I met a kangaroo. Here is a video about its moves and how to get a kangaroo.
Have a fabulous Sunday and Jam on!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hiya Jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today we have a resold rare, the member beta computer!
I am quite happy it came out because I have always thought it is a quite cool, jamaasian item. And now anyone can get one for their den without having to spend hours trading to try and get one :)
The Daily Explorer has made two posts, one about the new adventures...
... and an "Awesome Jammer art" one.
Happy Jamming!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yay! Adventures!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Remeber the date of today, the eighteenth of June 2013, because the day of today is a very important day for all of us jammers! Adventures are here!
Wow! This is pawesome! Since 22 November 2010, when I joined AJ, I have been waiting for an adventure! And now they are finally here!
Haha, I have always wanted to find out what´s in that door. But... Members only? I am not a member right now, so I can´t post adventure cheats. But if I ever renew my membership, the first thing I will do is post about them!
They seem so cool! I can´t wait to try them out! Maybe there will be one related to Cosmo and the koalas soon!
Yes, AJHQ, that´s what we want! Lots and lots of fun adventures, and hopefully for nonmembers too! 
Koalas are going to discover a land similar to Australia XD! 
Here is a pawsome video from AJHQ about the new adventures:


So, that´s it. Appart from two rather interesting posts from AJHQ.
Your Guide To Jamaa
Are you wondering how to explore the different lands of Jamaa? It’s easy! Just click on the globe at the bottom right corner of your screen:

You’ll be shown a map of Jamaa. Whether you’re looking to go shopping, watch some videos, or visit a Pet Stop, just use the buttons to the right of the map. Clicking on one will show you all of the places in Jamaa you can shop, watch a video, or shop for and dress your pets.

If you are just looking to explore, simply decide on where you want to go, and click that area of the map! Did you know that each land in Jamaa is full of fantastic facts, fun games, and interesting sites to see?
Go to Jamaa Township for the latest Jam Mart fashions and the most Jammin’ dance parties in Jamaa at Club Geoz! Don’t forget to submit your artwork at Jammer Central!
Check out Appondale where the mud is bubbling, and the Conservation Museum offers a quiet place to relax as you watch videos about the endangered animals of the world, and browse through unique items for your den.
Let your inner explorer play wild in Mt. Shiveer! When you’re not ascending the highest mountain peak in Jamaa or enjoying the ice slide, be sure to warm up in the natural hot springs and grab something warm to drink inside the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Sarepia Forest is a beautiful place where you can climb the ladders and walk the bridges that connect all of the giant trees. Before you head into the Theater for awesome National Geographic Kids’ movies from the video library, don’t forget to grab some popcorn from the snack bar!
Watch eagles soar on high as you explore the desert wonderland that is Coral Canyons! Dress your best for gemtastic prizes as you play Best Dressed, then stop off at the Art Studio to create something amazing!
Feeling extra smart? The Temple of Trivia in the land of Lost Temple of Zios holds a tempting challenge for Jammers like you! If you are feeling curious, don’t miss Brady’s Lab, Brady’s Theater, and Brady’s Expeditions. You never know what you’ll find with Dr. Brady Barr!
Crystal Sands is the place to be for fun in the sun! Have a splashin’ good time washing your pets and making smoothies in Captain Melville’s Juice Shop. You can learn all about marine life at Tierney’s Aquarium and Tierney’s Theater. And don’t forget, Crystal Sands is the Gateway to Oceans! And if you walk down the dock…
Bahari Bargains in Bahari Bay will help you travel the seas in style! It is just one of the many fun reasons to visit the Oceans of Jamaa.
Explore the Deep Blue with eerie squid and transluscent jellyfish. Head to the deepest waters in Jamaa’s Oceans to search for Phantom’s Treasure!
The ghost wreck of a sunken pirate ship awaits discovery in Kani Cove. This Ocean area is full of awesome facts for you to collect in your Animal Jam Journey Book!
Crystal Reef is rich with plant and animal life and home to the Flippers ‘N Fins pet shop. Enjoy swimming through the colorful coral and tube sponge. Keep your eyes peeled for sting rays and humpback whales!
Jamaa is waiting for you to explore, so what are you waiting for? Play wild!
The other post I mentioned is yet another Epic Den post, congratulations Admiral Frozencloud!
So, Jam on!