Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Freedom Cat Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! This is today´s returning item!
Today´s featured comment is one from yesterday´s weekly question!
Very creative answer, lawman11! When you come online I will trade you a golden mummy glove!
Also, the Headquarters made FIVE 0_0 posts. And what makes it even more incredible, they are all about dens!
One is a guide for begginers...
...the next one, a setting guide...
...also a den item guide...
... a member benefits one...
...and an Epic Den one!
Congratulations, Crunchy Coolpenguin!
Also, I have very good news. Well, maybe they are not that good for you but certainly for me.

Well, it might´ve been difficult to miss that sentence. So... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy! I am now in my summer holidays and can post very early, write new legends, improve the blog, and, most importantly... Jam on!


  1. Hello MisterChunkybuddy! I really admire your blog, and you've inspired me to make my own! It's kinda like yours, but I change it every season. Here's the URL: http://theanimaljamseasonal.blogspot.com/ Also, have you been to the freedom party? It's really fun. That's all I wanted to say. :P

  2. i just saw a kangaroo

  3. Yay! You finished school! I'm ready for the earlier post because I just never can seem to sleep in! I always tend to wake up at about 7:00. WAY too early

  4. Hi misterchunkybuddy! Pupp1266 here, do you always give out gift for those questions every week? I don't know because I just barley started viewing this blog, it's really cool!

  5. Misterchunkybuddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Remember me? I'm kangaroo540. plz plz plz buddy me i'll put my biddy request on for you. I love your blog, and then it inspired me to make one too!I'm still making, but can you please tell me how you post those pictures of you on it? Thanks! btw, CONGRATS GRAD! (I don't mean to brag but my school ended like 2 weeks ago.)

  6. 1 more day till winter holidays! IM SUPER EXITED!!!!!!!


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