Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yay! Adventures!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Remeber the date of today, the eighteenth of June 2013, because the day of today is a very important day for all of us jammers! Adventures are here!
Wow! This is pawesome! Since 22 November 2010, when I joined AJ, I have been waiting for an adventure! And now they are finally here!
Haha, I have always wanted to find out what´s in that door. But... Members only? I am not a member right now, so I can´t post adventure cheats. But if I ever renew my membership, the first thing I will do is post about them!
They seem so cool! I can´t wait to try them out! Maybe there will be one related to Cosmo and the koalas soon!
Yes, AJHQ, that´s what we want! Lots and lots of fun adventures, and hopefully for nonmembers too! 
Koalas are going to discover a land similar to Australia XD! 
Here is a pawsome video from AJHQ about the new adventures:


So, that´s it. Appart from two rather interesting posts from AJHQ.
Your Guide To Jamaa
Are you wondering how to explore the different lands of Jamaa? It’s easy! Just click on the globe at the bottom right corner of your screen:

You’ll be shown a map of Jamaa. Whether you’re looking to go shopping, watch some videos, or visit a Pet Stop, just use the buttons to the right of the map. Clicking on one will show you all of the places in Jamaa you can shop, watch a video, or shop for and dress your pets.

If you are just looking to explore, simply decide on where you want to go, and click that area of the map! Did you know that each land in Jamaa is full of fantastic facts, fun games, and interesting sites to see?
Go to Jamaa Township for the latest Jam Mart fashions and the most Jammin’ dance parties in Jamaa at Club Geoz! Don’t forget to submit your artwork at Jammer Central!
Check out Appondale where the mud is bubbling, and the Conservation Museum offers a quiet place to relax as you watch videos about the endangered animals of the world, and browse through unique items for your den.
Let your inner explorer play wild in Mt. Shiveer! When you’re not ascending the highest mountain peak in Jamaa or enjoying the ice slide, be sure to warm up in the natural hot springs and grab something warm to drink inside the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Sarepia Forest is a beautiful place where you can climb the ladders and walk the bridges that connect all of the giant trees. Before you head into the Theater for awesome National Geographic Kids’ movies from the video library, don’t forget to grab some popcorn from the snack bar!
Watch eagles soar on high as you explore the desert wonderland that is Coral Canyons! Dress your best for gemtastic prizes as you play Best Dressed, then stop off at the Art Studio to create something amazing!
Feeling extra smart? The Temple of Trivia in the land of Lost Temple of Zios holds a tempting challenge for Jammers like you! If you are feeling curious, don’t miss Brady’s Lab, Brady’s Theater, and Brady’s Expeditions. You never know what you’ll find with Dr. Brady Barr!
Crystal Sands is the place to be for fun in the sun! Have a splashin’ good time washing your pets and making smoothies in Captain Melville’s Juice Shop. You can learn all about marine life at Tierney’s Aquarium and Tierney’s Theater. And don’t forget, Crystal Sands is the Gateway to Oceans! And if you walk down the dock…
Bahari Bargains in Bahari Bay will help you travel the seas in style! It is just one of the many fun reasons to visit the Oceans of Jamaa.
Explore the Deep Blue with eerie squid and transluscent jellyfish. Head to the deepest waters in Jamaa’s Oceans to search for Phantom’s Treasure!
The ghost wreck of a sunken pirate ship awaits discovery in Kani Cove. This Ocean area is full of awesome facts for you to collect in your Animal Jam Journey Book!
Crystal Reef is rich with plant and animal life and home to the Flippers ‘N Fins pet shop. Enjoy swimming through the colorful coral and tube sponge. Keep your eyes peeled for sting rays and humpback whales!
Jamaa is waiting for you to explore, so what are you waiting for? Play wild!
The other post I mentioned is yet another Epic Den post, congratulations Admiral Frozencloud!
So, Jam on!


  1. Hi MisterChunkybuddy, just an opinion: I think it would be great if you put up the Bird Feeder which returned to stores today in Jam Mart Furniture. Thanks!

  2. You are sooo unlucky! Your membership ran out only 3 days ago and if you had joined 4 days after you did you could see what the adventures and everything were like!

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  4. I'm getting membership tonight, so I'm pretty excited to start membership off on such an important date and event like today :)

  5. I have two things to say:
    1. I feel so bad for you! Its okay that you don't have your membership! I'm sure you can live without it, besides, your getting it back soon... right?
    2. Can a nonmember get an epic den of the week posted on the Jamaa Journal or what ever it is? If it can't, then can you make your own epic den of the week with a prize or something? I really wanna win something at least!
    :3 -XxSpiritFoxX

  6. I'm a member but they don't give betas any more buddy me I'm lydp2425

  7. i wish my den was the EPIC DEN OF THE WEEK


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