Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, you might be wondering what the title means.
Well, I have a reason for going XD.
My laptop went weird and if I try to turn it on a weird screen flashes and it just turns of again D:
This is what my laptop looks like:
Is there any computer genius out there who knows how to fix it?
By the way, the item is a large corner shelf and I have no time to take a screenshot and even less to make a GIF.
Well, I have to go. I am writing this from Ainoa18´s computer and have very little time.
(Who can´t upload his signature because he hasn´t got it saved in this computer and has no time to download it from another post)


  1. You know, when you upload image, you can just go to "from this blog" and choose your signature from the other images you've uploaded in the history of your blog :3
    I hope you can get your laptop fixed soon!

  2. Your laptop is haaaaaaauuuuunnnnnnnteeeeeeeed.............................
    Kidding :P

  3. i have a coomputer that if i turn it on, it goes to a black screen, the mouse shows normally, and nothing more happens, that computer is not this one, duh! and however, it is sooooo slow, and my grandfather gave it to me :') D'X my prents will not fix it cause they repaired SO MANY TIMES my sister's computer. however i have this one, better not waste money :)

  4. hi! your blog is very cool. duh. WDIJS? im just talking to my self. lolz

  5. Have you tried plugging it in?? It might be out of battery or there might be a lot of dirt in it so it broke down. Or it just could have died. Sometimes computers do dat :P

  6. try getting on while charging it. I have the exact same computer. XD so I know. im pikachu5343 by the way. plz add me


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