Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flying for Freedom

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! This legend is about Mira´s past and how she ended up living in Jamaa. Enjoy!

Against the incandescent setting sun, Silver could see the sillouette of the old farmhouse that had been her home during years. Every evening, the heron liked to perch on a tree and look at the sunset while she thought about her carefree existence.
The rest of the herons were sitting on a telephone wire, chatting.
"I might as well join them" she thought. Silver stretched the grey an shiny wings that gave her her name and glided towards her friends.
"Hi Silver" said Swiftwings, the fastest flyer and leader of the group. "We were thinking of calling you because we are about to make an important decision."
Silver was stranged, because Swiftwings didn´t really take decisions that often. The group just stayed in around the farmhouse, eating the leftovers. Their philosophy was to live and let others live, so they had been living there and getting along with the other animals for as long as Silver could remeber. And although she was already an adult, that was quite a long time.
"We" anounced Swiftwings, "have decided that our family can´t just stay here, controlled by humans, generation after generation. We want to live in the wild, turn our mere existence into something that, even though it is insignificant and has no effect on the world. we can be proud of. We herons don´t have an important role in the great web of nature, but we refuse to be yet another species subsumed under the power of humans. We want to be free."
Silver was rather impressed by the speech. She would never had thought that Swiftwings and the others were capable of realising how the giant human empire was taking over the delicate natural web. She had earlier thought that soon their family would have nowere to go, because even the semirural farmhouse an yard would now be trapped under a human´s greedy hands.
"I totally agree" answered Silver. "We can´t change what´s happening. We can´t stop humans from taking our world away. But certainly, what we can do is find a place that humans won´t get to. A land were there are still spirits and gods of nature. Then, our sons and daughters will be able to grow in the wild and be proud of the lineage of this noble family of herons who decided to escape from the dark shadow that the humans are casting over the natural world."
As all the herons agreed, they all decided to leave and find one of the places that Silver had mentioned.
"Tomorrow, as soon as the sun rises, we will start our journey." The leader declared.
So Silver huddled in her nest, and fell asleep with her head full of ideas and hopes roaming around.
Silver woke up with a start at the middle of the night. Everyone seemed to be okay. The stars shined and a calm breeza blew over the treetops while some crickets welcomed the summer. Suddenly, Silver realized what had woken her up: That round and smooth shape under her.
Silver had layed her first egg.
The next morning, before the start of the flight, she was feeling really nerveous. She fidgeted unconfortably with the egg, which she was holding with her legs. She carefully put it next to her and told Swiftwings:
"I laid an egg last night."
Everyone started talking at the same time:
"She can ´t come with us."
 "We can´t leave her here!"
"The egg will break."
"We must live it here"
"No! It´s a member of our group!"
"Silver wants to keep it."
"Right" said Silver. "I will come with you, and so will my egg. I will take care of it and it won´t be any bother for you lot. It´s my responsibility."
Swiftwings agreed and they all proceeded to start the journey. Happy she could go, and glad about the possibilty of being able to take the egg, Silver started to fly with enthusiasm. It was hard too carry the egg, but he could about manage. She felt a twinge of melancholy as she saw how her home turned smaller an smaller until eventually dissappearing of her sight. Still, if she would end up living with a son or daughter, free in a place which wasn´t controlled by humans, it was worth it.
After a long day flying, they stopped to eat and sleep. But Silver discovered that she couldn´t look for worms and fishes because otherwise her egg would be unprotected. She was also tired of having to carry the heavy egg all the time and her legs ached.
"You´re shuch a bother" Swiftwings upbraided. So Silver was left on her own while the others went to find food.
Deppressed, she hung her head and let tears wet her plumage. But when she straithenged, she found she wasn´t quite alone. Misteye, another heron of the group, was standing next to her and had brought some food.
"Don´t worry" she conforted Silver. "I know how important that egg is to you so I will help you."
They both shared a pleasant meal under the wonderfull sunset, and that night, her egg with her, Silver fell asleep with her mind free of worries and a smile on her beak.
During days and days the journey continued. But now things were much easier for Silver because even though Swiftwings and most of the others were still quite reluctant to give any help with the egg, Misteye and some others helped the future mother a lot.They all took turns in carrying the egg during the flights and helpt Silver gather twigs so the egg was protected when they stopped to eat and sleep. They also brought her fishes and worms to eat.
But the journey couldn´t be always easy. At one point, they had to cross a rocky canyon. Not only it was hard not to crash against the giant eroded stones, but the air currents were so irregular they were a challenge even for Swiftwings.
"Just one more effort, Silver, we are almost there." whispered Misteye to exahusted Silver.
When it was her turn to cross the canyon, she concentrated. Full of adrenalin, she jumped. She glided and turned, fluttered and flew making the most of the currents around her. But when she had almost finished, disaster struck and something fatal happened.
Silver dropped the egg.
She stared in disbelieve as her preciou egg fell to the precipiece. She couldn´t believe it. The egg must´ve landed on something soft, or something like that, for it was just impossible for it to break after all that effort.
But it didn´t land in anything soft. As a matter of fact, it didn´t land at all. The egg never landed at the bottom of that canyon because a big, fast grey figure dived towards the egg and catched it safely.
Everyone cheered and Silver looked, eager to see her saviour. She was sure it was Misteye or one of the others which had helped her and supported her. But it wasn´t. Only one heron in that group was cappable of flying in that way... Swiftwings. Swiftwings? But the leader had given no help to Silver!
With the egg carefully clutched between her legs, Swiftwings glided towards Silver and gave her the egg.
"Sorry for not helping you." she appologised. "The moment the egg fell I realized how mean I have been. This is the list I can do."
"It is certainly enough. Thanks so much, Swiftwings, Misteye and the others. I don´t think I can ever repay you." said Silver grattefully.
But with all the commotion, they had forgoten about something great.  They were there! It was a marvellous forest with a valley and a plain. And, to mke things even better, the egg started moving.
"It´s hatching! It´s hatching!" cried Silver.
Everyone gathered around and saw how a beautiful little heron came out of the egg.
"She is the first of our family to be born in freedom" said Silver proudly.
She named her daughter Mira. What the herons didn´t know was that there was a magical land named Jamaa behind the mountains, and much, much more that Mira would find out soon.
But that´s another story...

Hope ya liked it!


  1. You're an awesome writer!

  2. Wow, but wasn't Mira created by Zios..?
    Great Imagination btw.
    Can you make a story in how rhinos came to Jamaa/ How their Spirit Stone was found?

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