Monday, July 15, 2013

Rare Baseball Cap

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for the late post, I am busy enjoying the summer. This is today´s RIM:
That is a weird color combination, but if you wear matching colors and have appropiate items you could make an interesting outfit.
Now for this weeks weekly question:
Were does Mira live?
Have a try for the chance to win this adventure thingy!
(Ok, sorry for the lack of proffessionalitty when saying that)
Have a jamtastic day!


  1. How can i get to the contest?

  2. To,Misterchunkybuddy

    The answer is in the sky in Zios's old house.


  3. Weekly Question Answer:
    Well, considering Mira is the Sky Mother in Jamaa, I am guessing she lives in the sky. It said that her tears fell to Jamaa and created the phantoms. So if here tears fell from above she must be in the sky. However you can still see statues, paintings, and her spirit in Jamaa today!

    Thanks, I hope I win(chocolate4050)

  4. Weekly question:

    In Jamaa Township, there is a statue of Mira. Above the state there are clouds, many many clouds that never move. That is where Mira, the sky goodness lives. She lives in a large and fantasy-like cloud castle with many gemstones and relics from old beta times. She has a beautiful gem garden where all the gems actually come from in Jamaa. She and Zios used to live in a beautiful temple on the forest floor, but then the phantoms destroyed it so Mira retreated into her wonderful kingdom in the clouds.

    1. Wow that was good.. a lot better than mine!!

  5. Well, Mira lives in a palace in the sky, where she is pampered. Her palace is just massive, and even includes a dungeon for the bad phantoms. Paintings and posters of the other alphas and zios are all over. A few paw print vases are placed in corners.

    That's about it! Thanks, puup1266

    1. sorry signed off wrong, I am pupp1266

  6. Mira lives in jamma township in the forest.

    She youst to do talks where her statue is at the top of jamma township but then one day Zios, her husband and best friend, went missing and she cried and cried and then her tears turned evil, into phantoms, and wrecked jamma township and she thought it was all her fault and so now she lives in the forest weeping and wont come out till Zios returns!

  7. Mira was a beautiful, blue heron ( think >-< ) she was the only chick her mother had, all the other eggs were broken by phantoms, her mother said "Aww! shes adorable isn't she? Luckily the phantoms didn't break her egg..." Mira's father responded "Yes, were lucky, we lost the battle but won the war! Just to see such a beautiful heron!" Mira looked up at both of them curiously, and tilted her head in confusion. Mira's mother and father laughed when they saw Mira's cute face.
    Later they went to the meadow, a beautiful place, full of flower bushes and trees, Mira looked around, seeing it with her own eyes, "Yay!" Said Mira happily. Her mother and father smiled, and flew into the meadow with Mira, they ate berries and enjoyed the view of the sunset. "Well, we should be heading home now." said Mira's father,"Yes we should, it's getting late, and Mira needs her rest." Mira's mother agreed. they all flew home, had a good night sleep and Mira had a dream of when she is in the beautiful meadow without phantom in sight.

    A few years later.....
    "Well,it's time to say goodbye..." Said Mira's mother sadly, "Go? Go where?" said Mira curiously. "To have your own life!" Said Mira's father, "Oh my, has the time really come...? Said Mira looking at the ground sadly. " I'm afraid so..." Said Mira's mother sadly. Mira hugged her mother and father as their last hug, "I... I'll miss you guys..." Mira said sadly. "Before we forget, there's one thing we want to give you..." Said Mira's mother, she gave Mira a necklace that said "Mira" on it. Mira saw it and smiled, and hugged her mother. "Sorry to see you go sweetie.." Mira hugged her father, and said goodbye for the last time, she flew away into the sky, with her beautiful wings shining in the sun. About 30 minutes later she had found a place, a place called Jamaa, a beautiful place, and met Zios. They always hanged with each other, and hired some animals to be alphas. The end :) oh and my Username is Fluffydreamer just so you know :)

  8. i have won the adventure item plus it is on my trade and mira lives in the sky btw


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