Monday, July 29, 2013

Real Musketeer Boots and New Schedule

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here, sorry for the late post, you know, had to go shopping. -_-
Before we get to the important part of the post in which I will be telling you about the new posting schedule, this is the RIM; which I have recently posted I had seen on a trade list.
Real Musketeer Boots? So the other ones are fake. 
AJHQ has been sending a neat advertisement:
And now for the second part of this post: I decided to plan a schedule to make posts more interesting. Like the Weekly Question on Mondays, I will do a special extra every day. Here it is: (Note: I decided to sound AJHQ-ey to make it seem more exciting)
Mondays- Weekly Question
Every Monday, try to answer a question to get featured on the next post! Use your wisdom and creativity to answer the different questions every week!
Tuesdays- Costume Corner
Get amazing outfits ideas every Tuesday! Don´t forget to view, because you will find some amazing tips for making your animals unique!
Wednesday- Den Ideas
On Wednesdays, you can enjoy tips for decorating your den! Come here to find out how to make your den epic!
Thursdays- Giveaway
Next Thurday, head to Animal Jam Cheats & Codes to win great items in the giveaways! Try your luck in the raffles and you could be able to get a rare!
Friday- Flashback Friday
Have you ever wondered how Jamaa used to be? Every Flashback Friday I will show you the secrets of a time period on Jamaa!
Saturday- Showoff Saturday
Every Saturday, send in your stpries, artwork, funny images or anything you want and it will be featured in Showoff Saturday, the day for showing your art and talent!
Sunday- Sleepy Sunday
Everyone needs a rest sometime. So sorry, on Sunday´s I will take a rest and there is no extra. But be sure to view anyway because I will post the daily item and if I´m feeling creative I might make a Surprise Sunday, which will have surprise extras! So be sure to view on Sundays anyway!
Ok, AJHQ wouldn´t hire me because my what-I-am-telling-you-is-extreamly-amazing style of writing is quite bad, but the important thing is that now you know the new Schedule.
So, I must follow it. This week´s weekly question is:
When was Crystal Sands first changed?
There is no prize because now there is already Giveaway Thursday for winning items. But please have a try at answering it anyway.
And lastly, today´s featured comment is:
This link might help you:
                                                             (Click here)
Happy Jamming, be sure to check out this blog all days of the week for cool extras!


  1. hi MisterChunkyBuddy! I am sacknames and my buddy sackname just got a kangaroo. she wonders why all jammers can't get them. so do I. please tell me and sackname why. I would appreciate it. Thanks, sacknames and sackname

  2. Hey awesome post! :D I know the answer to you question!
    Crystal Sands first changed in July 2011. I think it was a bit after the Freedom Celebrations.

  3. Cool! My first time seeing this blog and I already enjoy it c:

  4. Im really sad :( AJ HQ, literally ROBBED me of my money!!!! I was told they would give me diamonds with my membership, I bought one with my OWN money, I didnt get diamonds. I emailed AJHQ, guess what? They replied 5 days later, yes I waited THAT long, and guess what they said: "Sorry, but the memberhship you purchased doesnt come with diamonds." I cried AJ HQ ROBBED ME. I could call the cops right now, but Im not, my mom is e mailing back. If they dont give me my diamonds, what can I do? Im only a kid. AJ HQ is made of adults. -Sighs- The only reason I bought that membership was for the diamonds! What can I do? :C


  5. Crystal Sands first changed sometime in summer 2011- July probably. Yeah. July. Before that, there was a Jamaa Journal saying Crystal Sands would change.

  6. My Username is coolpapa70232
    The answer is June 21 2012

  7. I've got a quick question for you...
    How to make it so that the picture of the musketeer boots is constantly changing so that we can see every color? I would really like to do that on my blog, and I would appreciate it if you would tell me how it's done. :)

    lol, I'm your fan as much as you are mine. Congrats Kangaroo! JAM ON!


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