Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anti-Scam Contest!

I indio, the destroyer of world and god of the fi... No.
Hiya jammers! Indio here, speaking, dancing, dribbling, fainting...
Well, lets get to the point. I´m making a contest.
It´s pretty, straight forwads, you only have to send as many as much videos about YOU
stopping scammers (no cheating, I know about storage accounts). Of course this
contributes to the awesome new page in the blog,

First Place will get:
Instead of:

                  It will be like this

Remember, send as many scam-fight videos  as you can to
Good Luck!
The contest Finishes 30th July 2013
Okay, this is MisterChunkybuddy editing this post. Indio, thanks for posting but I changed the title from "Scam Contest" to "Anti-Scam Contest" Scam Contest sounds like if the contest was about how many people you can scam or something like that 0_0
By the way, I am sorry but I have no time to post today, you probably all know that the item is an Underwater Flower sold for members in Sunken Treasures. See ya!


  1. Um...I don't have a screen capturing program...what then?

    1. Use, doesn´t need download, directly from browser.

  2. um wow.... destroyer of the world... really you had to say that

  3. I can't post videos darn it.

  4. How do you make a photo like that? I want some for my blog, please tell me how to make one!

  5. I would love to enter but I am not allowed to make videos on the computer. PLUS I dont have the correct equipment. :C


  6. I'm against scammers. I think the idea of "Scam Busters" is awesome.

  7. i have gotten scammed so many times..... :(

  8. wut do u mean bye destoyer of GOD O-O

  9. Replies
    1. Me too even though I used to have a friend that was a scammer :(


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