Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tall Shelf and Kingfin´s Prehistoric Quiz

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s new item, which has been previously seen as a prize when going into secret passages in the adventures is an extreamly usefull addition to any den! A shelf! Thanks kingfin for telling me what the item was while I roamed around Jamaa wondering where the new item might be and totally forgeting about Jam-Mart-Furniture.
I hope more shelves come out! Like these two, picture credit to Animal Jam Spirit and snowyclaw!
Now for the second part of the post: Kingfin is holding a contest with Animal Jam prizes and has asked me to post it here. So, there it goes. (Note from kingfin: No looking up answers on the Internet.)
  1. What kind of dinosaur was Brontosaurus?
  2. How many fingers did eoraptor have on each hand?
  3. What dinosaur is named after Hogwarts and what does it eat?
  4. Was megalodon the dominant ocean predator at his time?
  5. What dinosaur is said to have been venomous? And what evidence is there to proove this is true?
  6. Did argentinosaurous chew its food?
  7. What kind of dinosaur was Big Al?
  8. What was the shortest dinosaur name? (If there are two, say both and get an extra point.)
  9. Do we know the colors of any dinosaurs? If yes, name a dinosaur who's colors have been determined.
  10. What was the first Troodon fossil?
  11. Scientists have said that two raptor dinosaurs could possibly fly. Name one, if you name them both you will get and extra point.
  12. True or false: Herbivorous dinosaurs had no feathers.
  13. When you see a picture of a feathered Olviraptor with a large crest sitting on a pile of eggs, what are you actually seeing?
So thats the contest, credit for all the questions and absolutely everything goes to kingfin because its his contest.
On a side note, many of you have asked me about the new page, "Scam Busters". Well, that page is almost finished, probably today it will be official, and it is a sort of anti-scam agency. 
Happy Jamming!


  1. Do we put the answers here? Where's kingfin's blog?

  2. Um mcb... no offence but here is a tip for making contests have ots of entries for future maybe have better rizes and easier questions, I dont know any answers. :D


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