Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tiny Shelf

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, this is like the latest post ever. Its 10 pm here in Spain. As a matter of fact, I don´t even have time to make a GIF of the new item because I have to go and have supper. There is fish with lots of fried onion! yum...
Well, I am going out of topic and loosing time like I always do (classics, eh?) and I still haven´t made the post. Come on, MCB, you have to be quick.
Thirty seconds left? Uh oh. I can´t leave the post like this, it is rubish! Ah, lets think of a side topic... 
Sorry, no ideas. And I can smell my supper waiting for meeee...
Tomorrow´s post will be way better, sorry.


  1. I had fish tonight too! Lol. Well anyway, a girl told Grimm5 to shut up and I corrected her and said its Belt up because thats the slang in England so she got angry and kept saying shes gonna hack me, and I logged on a little later today, and my Founder was gone. What do I do? I forgot her username, so can i never get it back?

    1. That is certainly weird... It is very difficult to successfully hack someone, but as your founder is gone I suppose she did.
      What you can do is email/mail/phone AJHQ and ask them what to do.
      When Kinyonga was hacked completely AJHQ gave her the choice of ten items as a consolation, so maybe they will give you a founders to replace the one you lost.
      Another thing you can do to make sure you were hacked and it´s not a glich is get your parents to log into the parent dashboard and ask them to click the little link on your account which says "view session history". That way you can see all the times you have been online. Check if there are any times between the time when you last logged out and had your founders and then see if someone has logged in with your account in between that time and the time you saw your founders was gone.
      Also you can ask Grimm5 if she/he remembers the user.
      Hope you can get your founders back!

  2. Fried onion...+licks top lip+ My camp went on a fishing trip and I was the only one to catch a fish you can eat. They said they'll ship it to Spain. BIG COINCIDENT!
    -KG (koalaguiz) (no really KG is what partyanimalzz and pupp1266 call me. >.<)

  3. sorry misterchunkybuddy but can I pleas have the gold mummy glove that I won and now I want fried onions lawman11

  4. Please help me out here Mister Chunkybuddy. Someone scammed me 1 or 2 weeks ago for a rare! Just like you i partly did it to be sure they were scamming but also to see if they actually were honest, cause ya know some people are. Anyways (people, don't trust anyone!)They were "supposedly" giving kangaroo codes. They said they would only tell if i traded rare so i traded a member kelp skirt rare (i'm not a member so you know) so the kelp skirt is kinda my worst rare! But its rare:/ I got a orange gecko plushie for it, which was the best item on there trade at the time:/
    But now i can't remember there username, and i didn't have time to report them before they ran away:( They also scammed another jammer that was with me:( sigh sigh sigh....... don't people get that scamming is unkind!!!!!!!

    Username: Snowcone61


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