Sunday, July 28, 2013

Turquoise bracelet and Codes

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! If you bought and liked yesterday´s Turquoise Necklace, the head through the waterfall at Coral Canyons to get your own matching bracelet!
Not a bad item.
And now, I have some codes! 
1. drawing- Yes, I know this one was released quite a while ago and I never posted it. It gives you 500 gems. Thanks kangaroo540 for reminding me!
2. Alphas- It gives you 500 gems. Thanks CleverQueen for telling me!
3. HOOOT- Yes, 500 gems. Thanks for telling me Scooter/chocolate4050!
And this is today´s featured comment:
You can either trade for one or try to win it in Sky High.
And lastly, I wanted to show you a drawing I did.
Click to enlarge, I know this is off topic but I just would like to know your opinions. I drew it on paper and then scanned it and colored it with my picture editing program and did the shadows with the mouse.
I invented the character, please don´t steal the design.
Happy Jamming, don´t forget to comment, thanks a lot to everyone who commented yesterday!


  1. Cool drawing! :D U have a scanner?
    also, can here be a chat like in AJS? It is not to copy but the blog will get more entertaining. :)

    1. Yes, I have a scanner.
      About the chat, I am not sure because it would be difficult to keep an eye on the messages to make sure there is nothing unappropiate. I already have trouble with the comments...

  2. You're so good at drawing! Maybe you could you could do what Snowy does by making art for people with exchanges for other art or rares! It looks really good!

    1. Yes, it´s a really good idea but it belongs to snowyclaw and I don´t want to copy.

  3. hey mister chunkybuddy can you tell me how to get on animal jam because when I log in I pick a world and after it just keep loading what should I do tanks lawman11

    1. Hum, you can try to pick an emptier server or reload the page. You might want to check your wifi connection too.

    2. ok thanks!!

  4. Hi misterchunkybuddy! kangaroo540 over here! Can I please be your buddy? I am a big fan of you.

  5. and by the way misterchunkybuddy, how do you get the plaques? I'm curious.

  6. I luv your blog! I know I am not being the usual grammar queen, I am, and spelled "love" "luv" But, I just wanted to do that for once. :D I hope you get a chance to have a great day/ noon/ evening(I'm on U.S. time) K thx bye :D

    -Red (A.K.A redhead4u, via Animal Jam)

  7. There is an awesome braclet? COOL! Can you still buy it?

  8. mister chunky buddy how do i do the glitch for jamaa township? can you help me? i'm madison1516 or narutolover30384.

  9. cool drawing I wish I could draw like that I am elephantstar add me

  10. Omg Thanks For the Codes

  11. Wow! Your a good artist, Mr. Chunkybuddy!
    ^-^ What are you calling it?


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