Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giant Pet Spider Plushie

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I know in yesterday´s post I said I wouldn´t be able to post today because I was going to my cousin´s house, but my cousin has a fever so I will be going tomorrow.
Today´s new item doesn´t really look like a spider, it looks iek some sort of mutannt monster but it´s quite col anyway.
I bought one, and found out they are actually rather small.
Please don´t laugh at Bananas and his friends for looking like onions with cucumber legs, remember everyone is special in their own way.
So, today is Outfit Idea day. This week´s suggestion is a weirdo tiger.
I decided that every other Tuesday the Idea will be non member, by the way.
This is today´s featured comment:
Sorry, I know very little about rarity. Personally I trade for the items that look coolest XD
See ya in Jamaa, don´t forget to comment and eats lots of icecream!


  1. When you do the questions on Monday, are you going to tell the correct answers? And the winners?

  2. How do you make the little slide show of pictures? O-O

  3. Hey chunky can you add my website to your list of favourite jammer websites?
    it is called www.jammerscommunity.blogspot.com
    please add it! It is new so it is not very good but please add it so then it can get visitors and become good! thanks!

  4. HI MR CHUNKYBUDDY! anyways...i'm just here to say how CUTE Bananas is!

    -Sparklingscoops nuggetsmiles & GottaLovePandas2468


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