Friday, August 9, 2013

See ya!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Tomorrow I will be going on vacation so I will not post until the first week of September.
I might get wifi connection about one day a week so I will pop in Jamaa to see what´s up and might also post some photos of the place were I am going (The north of Spain for about two weeks and a hotel for a week) seeing as I got a "new" camera. (The camera is actually an old one I found on my garage and managed to get working, its the first time someone uses it since 2004)
So, Jam on, Moderators, please keep an eye on the comments and have fun!


  1. please put my blog on your blog list

    it is misterfastmaster thats what you have to look up

  2. Wow! That's a long time! I hope you have a great time. Your followers and I will miss you. ^-^ Anyone feel free to read my blog while Mister is gone, it is the Animal Jam Sky Blog:

    --See ya!

  3. Have Fun! I'll be in school by the time you get back, so I won't see you in Jamaa as much. Secondary school starts for me at 9am, and ends at 4pm. Luckily I'm up early, so I might be online SUPER early when the younger kids are at school ^.^ .

    Well bye!

    1. Are you starting secondary in September? I am, it starts at 8.30 at ends at 3.00

  4. aw man you are leaving but i hope you have fun

  5. To,MisterChunkybuddy

    do you like star wars


  6. anyone who wants to look at a blog you can look at mine please i really need more ppl to look at it so you can look up misterfastmaster

    thanks so much


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