Friday, August 30, 2013


Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So yes, I am back, ready to continue posting! I must say, wow. We now have 540,000 views :D Keep on visiting! I am thinking of putting AdSense on this blog, whadya think of the idea? Is whadya a word? Anyway, I will put a poll about the AdSense thing when I can. So, here is yesterday´s update:
Wow, that´s pretty awesome. maybe they will do other elements armor, just as the Phoenix armor which is Fire? At the moment you can only get the helmet:
Well, you could get it if you had more diamonds than me :P
Lets go to the next Jamaa Journal page!
AJHQ, you´d never know what! We already knew that! -gasp-
But thanks for reminding me I still need to do the video guide.
Woops, this reminds me I left all summer homework for the last second... Typical. Anyway, I still have time to do it because school starts on the 9th September for me.
Sounds good! Lets have a look...
Mega plush pack: click here
Back to school pack: click here
And this is today´s new item:
Woah! You could make a gumball stand with a beta gumball machine, this one and a table XD
Also, AJHQ changed the map again so the old one is back! Yay!
Well, today is Flashback Friday an I am going to talk about the first time oceans were released.
First came Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef and Deep Blue. Kani Cove came a while after that. I remember the day they were released. I was just sooo excited and spent all day playing in the oceans with my friends. I loveed it when Animal Jam was just a game to play with friends and people didn´t care about rares.
Well, that was a short Flashback Friday but I hope you enjoy it. 
And I almost forgot, here is today´s featured comment:
Good night! (Well, at least for me, I don´t know what time it is for all of you.)


  1. First comment!
    i wounder why nobody commented..
    Anyway im glad your back! :D oh and i post at night too :P I hope they make a frost/snow armor or even a ice armor ^.^

    1. Wow, that would be cool! Or a water armor.

    2. I would like a really Jammasian armour, with leaves and branches.

  2. I like this update. I just found your blog and I really like it! - xXRobinHoodXx

  3. ummm i have a question for mister chunkybuddy, how do you get scary bat wings? i really want one!

    1. Hum, you can trade or try and get them in Sky High.

    2. I have them! lol

  4. i would have to say pile of books


    1. I want to get pile of books.

  5. Welcome back MCB! I am posting on a post from yesterday.. wow ok..

    ANYWAY! About Adsense, you should study up on it before you get it! There are requirements that most kids can't fill. Here I'll put it in a list :D

    1. A Monthly income of $100 USD for money to be transferred to your bank account.
    2. Bank account of your own
    3. You must be partners with Google.

    Its really hard, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Happy Jamming!

  6. I agree, people only care about rares. I wish they could spend more time in the Oceans! It's so much fun, which is why I'm hosting an ned of summer party!
    More details:
    Goodnight for me :)

  7. i love the wind armor. especially the ribbon things. sorry the bad explainer fairy got me. anyway i cant believe i didnt even attempt to get some of the wind armor yet! i actually nearly forgot! thanks! ~roiho (animaljam username)


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