Friday, September 13, 2013

Arm Brace and Birthday Party

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had so much homewrork. But it´s Friday and I won´t do my weekend homework until Sunday afternoon! Haha!
Ehm, don´t follow my example, children. Anyway homework is not really the correct subject to talk about on a happy Friday afternoon. So here is today´s new item!
Cool, but it´s so unfair non members can´t use it. Maybe when a poor non member breaks a paw and can´t use this you will feel guilty, AJHQ.
Also, I ran out of Ideas for flashback Friday. Any smart jammer out there has a suggestion or a new extra on Fridays? The best suggestion will win non member bat wings!
And also, I managed to get in the new party:
And also, here is the featured comment!
Great idea! Do any of you jammers have more ideas for lands, jammers? See ya!


  1. HI mister chunkybuddy I always wanted to know the the flashback on what jammaa looked like before now like the shops and buildings, like I know the dimond shop was not there but what about the cloths store?


  2. you should do all of the beta games in the beginning of animal jam hope it works !!!~lawman11

  3. I think a tall phantom is worth... Good stuff but not as good as a spiked wristband... I THINK. So sorry if I'm wrong =P
    I'd also like to know what its exactly worth cause I got one.

  4. Here are a couple of suggestions for Fridays:
    -Fun Friday: Post a funny comic or just something fun or funny
    - Collage Friday: Make and post a collage every Friday of things around Animal Jam from the past week!
    - Game Guide Friday: Post a guide to a game, mini-game, or buddy game, as well as a high score list for that game!
    - Jambalaya Friday (probably a better name, though :P): Post one thing of each type/thing/wut!(Some examples: glitch, funny pic, unreleased item, graphic, code, someone's trade request, mini story/legend, secret, item spotlight, etc.) :)

    I hope you like those ideas!

  5. Maybe..
    Fangtanstic friday! - Show us something scary! A drawing, outfit, picture, poem, story.

    Jammer friday! - Pick an awesome, nice jammer to share with the world!

  6. You should do a flashback of the dens. have you done that yet? you could also do fun Fridays and post something random from animal jam.

  7. Fun Friday you make a random video


  8. I totally agree with you Misterchunkybuddy!
    If a poor nonmember breaks his/her paw
    they won't be able to use it! and now his/her
    paw will never heal! :(
    Anyway suggestions are:

    - Art Friday, putting other peoples artwork on posts

    -Fun Friday,fun glitch or a tip

    -video Friday, post a cute GIF of something (hopefully you can find a better name)

    -famous Friday, pick a nice, kind famous jammer! (doesn't always have to be famous)

    - Nonmember Friday, post nonmember den ideas or cloth!

    -Party Friday, post about cool parties on AJ!

    Hope you like my ideas!

  9. Hi mister chunkybuddy I would like to also learn about your past like how did you come too know about animal jam where you a beta tester about how much did u play each day have meet any other alfa's before adventures came out what other games to you like to play what's your favorite mini game on animal jam,how long was beta before it came out for everyone? Will ou ever be a non-member again how long have you had member ship and do u like pasta? These questions should last a few weeks. By the way I'm a big fan I got a koala and gave him a nm hat and a glove now all I need are wings and I'll be a nm you:)

    -from a player on animal jam youmeandwe

  10. Hey Misterchunkybuddy!
    I have two ideas--

    1. You should make a SUPER HUGE party on Fridays that most people can attend, enjoy, and just hang. It would be a good way to end the school week (unless it's summer) and people would probably like it a lot because you have an AWESOME den.

    2. You should make a small meeting on Fridays where you discuss the awareness of scamming, and hopefully stop it as best as possible.

    Anyway, you don't have to use these ideas AT ALL, but it's fun when you do it. XD

    1. BTW, I meant to add that you might be able to record the party, and show how hard you can PARTY or you can see what people REALLY think about scamming.

  11. I think you good have party Friday. as partys usually happen on Fridays. You could tell us about all the partys.

    My username is koolkat02

  12. how about when everything was different? like the beta days, the different shaped items...


  13. Can you come to my 25 follower party Misterchunkybuddy? its okay if you don't though.. Anyone who's reading this can come too!
    When: 7:00 AM AJ river time tomorrow (Saturday in US time but i think Sunday for you since you post at night too in your time..)
    Where: my den (cloudclaws)
    Hope you can make it!

  14. message to mythicalspiritwolf1: it turned out to kimbara

    1. mythicalspiritwolf1Saturday, September 14, 2013

      kimbara is based on the australian outback and deserts don have water but theres a waterfall like something there desert sand will be like the yellow glove color but a little dark sand that is same has canyons pathway. and they should remove canyon pathway it is not even official and it is a desert

  15. I totally agree with Sunday afternoon homework >:-D


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