Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beaded Neclace

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sooo, sorry for not posting lately. I was too busy studying on Wednesday and Thursday, because I had a maths exam and i am the worst mathematic in the world XD
And yesterday my dog killer got in a fight and a bigger, stronger dog bit him, so we had to take him to the vet. Now he is ok :D
Today´s new item is a beaded necklace, its member only and quite posh.
I have noticed we are pretty close to 600,000 views. Maybe I will do a 
party when we get there. 
Talking about parties, the poll results say Friday should be Party Friday or Meeting Friday. A great idea :D
So, to decide a time, how about you comment a time that would suit you and your time zone? Then I could choose a time and we could have a awesome party or meeting every friday :D
Also, yet again I forgot to get jammers to send stuff for Showoff Saturday. Disaster me XD
Edit: Thanks mythicalspiritwolf1 for sending this in!
And this is today´s featured comment!
Interesting point about rares, pokeponylover. Look back at this blog later today for a big post with opinions about rares! Until then, jam on and don´t forget to comment a Friday party time which would suit you + your time zone!


  1. Is the adsense working for you? If you aren't earning much, it's because you have the wrong ads. Use the ones google recommends.

    1. I think its working because I am getting about 1€ a day, although it varies from 50 cents to 3€.

    2. check ur mail for a surprise i sent a cute thing.

    3. I saw that u like diary of a wimpy kid i too like it i collect the books in order now i have first 4 book and ur awesome what is three is spanish do you know i know one and two in spanish one is uno two is dos three must be something like tres u can call the friday activity the spanish word for party and friday coz in poll party got most otes sorry my comments dont make much sense

    4. sorry for many comments by me but are u making a blog for free or paying money for this

  2. My selected time zone would be indian standard time because i live there and i choose the time 4:30 and why u don add some jammers to buddy list whom u know and are kind and good and help u. i have a blog and 7 buddys. i know 2 jammers who arent fair 1 is biscuitmunch3 he trades very bad and lies like red dog plushie for rare saying it is phantom dog and block hood for rare freedom cape saying its phantom type and cupcakefrosting999 said me if i trade him fly trap for rare tiara i will get phantom fountain for my giant kangaroo plushie lettuce. Ur blog is thhe best and i will send something for show off saturday today.


    2. Yes CupcakeFrosting999 is my buddy and she has gave me a rare spike for free so ya she would never do that!

  3. You should put a clock on your blog, so everyone knows what time zone you use and to find reasonable times.

    I get out of school at 3:00, I dunno, I usually get on AJ 4:30.

  4. Well my time zone is.. I think the Eastern time zone...
    On school days - Monday to Friday- I get on AJ anywhere from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. On days I don't go to school like Sunday and Saturday or maybe even days I get off of school, I get on anywhere from 9:00 to 12:00 or something like that.
    Sorry if I don't make much sense.
    ~ m0nkeygirl6

  5. any saturday minus the 21st 7:00 PM Central Time



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