Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye Patch

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s item is really cool and non member, The Eyepatch!
Cool! Well, here is the featured comment:
Hum, AJHQ is quite picky so you can get suspended for very random things... Maybe you said something that they thought was personal info or something. I would try emailing or calling AJHQ to ask them what you did and getting them to un-suspend you. good luck!
See ya jammers, I will probably update the comic page now!


  1. Ur awesome and post the video fast and i have a question
    is making blog on blogger free?
    (\_/) |\_/|
    =(^_^)= ={*_*}=
    bunny cat

    1. the bunny and cat dont show up properly and Jam on

    2. yes its free. Also the video won´t load ???

    3. thnx and the video is not loading! i wanted to see what u recorded and see u soon

  2. Hey Misterchunkybuddy! sorry i haven't been commenting
    a lot but anyways, i changed my blog design to
    a autumn-y one! it looks so cool now :D (not bragging)
    Anyway Maybe you can post Mysteries like snowyclaw and me?
    its ok if you don't want to, i don't want to force you.
    Jam on!

  3. Thanks MisterChunkybuddy for doing more comics


  4. Hey, Thanks Misterchunkybuddy!

    Today is the last day (hopefully) I will be suspended. Thanks for checking!

    1. did u said ur blogs url coz if u say it it says inappropriate behavior

    2. No, I found out the problem. I called AJHQ, they researched it and I just gave out my Youtube account. Only once. Now it's OK, I understand what I did now ^.^


    You have just posted BEFORE snowyclaw! :D

  6. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy! Guess what? I made a Google+ account, so I don't have to comment anonymously anymore!!! Lol, Jam-a-Gram me on Animal Jam XD Just a Jam-a-Gram, no gift :3

    1. Btw, I go on Organistagirls now, I kinda gave ilovepenguinos away, although I do go on it a bit.

  7. omg i need help i have so many gems and nothing to do with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX plz can i have any cool den ideas?

  8. I am collecting plaques so if any of you have them meet me at 1 st server Tigris (did you know there are 2 of each server) i don't want any Online Safety Plaque and time : 4:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on 28th of September and that's a Saturday .I can only get 2 Plaques because I have non-member scary bat wings and a rare freedom cape.
    -Mythicalspiritwolf1 Jam on!


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