Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flower Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Only one comment on the last post? I guess that´s what happens when I do such short, lame posts XD
So, here is today´s extreamly wacky item, probably Cosmo had something to do with its creation!
Lol, its really weird. It has some errors, though.
1. How does it mantain on your head?
2. Whya are there so wacky colored flowers?
3. Why would someone want to wear a hat which drips dirt?
Maybe if youre feeling creative you can answer in the comments, meanwhile let´s move to the den idea:
Credit to Jokapaka, it´s his den. As you can see I very unproffesionaly, using paint, labeled the 4 main ideas. 
1. Use garden plots as a carpet.
2. Use little shelves and desks to make big tables.
3. Use 2+ small shelves to make a big one.
4. Make a bamboo wallpaper.
Also, here is a graphic from the AJ homepage:
Just thought I might put that up.
And, new code! It´s dolphin and gives you 500 gems.
Finally, here is the featured comment.
That´s really random XD
My school is supposed to have a bell, but it doesn´t work. I think they are gonna fix it soon.
What´s your school like, jammers?


  1. I love that idea .o. Yeah, I know my question was really random XD Since I brought up school, I will tell you a bit more about mine xD I have some unfortunate double lessons, such as double French on a Monday (I never liked languages that much, and I wanted to take Spanish since it's an amazing language) and Double Maths on a Wednesday, but also some nice ones like Double Science and Double Art. They tend to like testing us DX We also have houses (Like Harry Potter? XD) and they are called Love,Patience, Hope,Charity and Faith. My house is Patience and the colour is a kind of Purplish indigo. Fairly long comment, CleverQueen going to do the homework I resisted for 4 hours XD

  2. HI Misterchunckybuddy, I was thinking, you should do a blog contest. They are having a best dressed contest on the animal jam sky blog and its really fun!
    1. I think u have to use glue to keep it on your head, or maybe it has creepy living roots that latch onto your fur! lol.
    2. The wacky colors add uniqueness to your style.
    3. Maybe some people just like dirt. Like Pigpen on Charlie Brown.
    :D That's all I got! :p Also where do you get information for your blog like new codes?? ~SparkleFootball

  3. Ok this what my school like i'm home schooled i do math, history,bible,English,art,Spanish(bleck)and science. My school is on the computer so i can get on in my free time. Oh and another code is HOOOT i don't know how much gems it gives you but ya.

  4. 4th comment and it has a bell but it really sounds like a alarm clock!
    Do you think they put i alarm clock in the overcom?


  5. please respond back MisterChunkybuddy


  6. I comment

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. my school bell is like this:
    beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep and so on..
    is really difficult to describe..

  9. mythicalspiritwolf1Friday, September 13, 2013

    my school bell is like a buzzer and i think animl jam hq should make a land called jahana desert it would be based on the african sahara desert 2 new animal would come with it ostrich and camel and i have a questions what is a tall phantom statue worth.

  10. My school bell doesn't sound at all.No, wait! It does! Well, not actually.The thing I hear is the happy kid that runs happily to ring it, when we have PE the next hour


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