Monday, September 2, 2013

How Peck became and alpha part 1

It was a very happy day for everyone at Bunny Burrows. Spring had started early this year and lots of bunnies were being born. One of those bunnies was called Peck.
No one saw anything in Peck at first. She was always happy, full of ideas and hyperactive. Her parents were proud of her, but sometimes she did tend to be a bit tiring.
At bunny school, she never seemed able to concentrate in her work for more than a minute, and she just couldn´t sit still. Her chair wobbled and twisted all the time, and her paws were always twitching and fidgeting.
But it was in Bunny School when she discovered her hidden talent: Behind that crazy and impulsive bunny there was and artist who beat everyone at drawing, painting, music, desighn... She never ran out of ideas and soon became well known at Bunny Burrows for her impressive artistic cappacity.
But sometimes, her art proyects went a bit crazy, like the time she decided that Bunny Burrows was a fun city, but it needed to be a bit more cheery. So she got all the paint buckets she had (to this date it is still a mystery how on Bunny Burrows she managed to carry them all) and started putting cheerfull and creative color everywere. By the end of the day, Bunny Burrows wasn´t the same city. It was now full of giant drawings. On the main restaurant she painted a giant burrow. On the burrow´s doors (yes, they had trapdoors with keys) she painted a portrait of the bunny/ies that lived there. On Bunny School she filled the outside with drawings of school things. And in the stone floor of the Main Square, she made a big, big painting of all of bunny burrow (new drawings on the buildings included).
Luckily people liked the idea, and from that day Peck filled with color every corner of bunny burrow and did giant art proyects like the biggest clay sculpture Bunny Burrows had ever seen (which was as tall as a burrow is deep.)
But the trouble came when her eagerness of giving color and artisticness to everything came to the point of decorating wild animals with pawmade stickers, garlands, ribbons, colored beads... No-bunny minded it and all the deer, birds, and even fishes around Bunny Burrows happily trotted/flew/swam around full of decorations.
One day, Peck found an animal she had never seen before. It was black and round, with six legs and one eye.
"What a strange animal" thought Peck. But she took out her materials, and, ready to decorate it, she picked it up.
The phantom´s eye opened and it shot a shiny, blue ray.
To be continued...


  1. WOW! Epic first part! I can't wait to see what happens! Finish it soon! ~ SparkleFootball

    1. I am glad you like it! Thanks for commenting also!

  2. mythicalspiritwolf1Tuesday, September 03, 2013

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    I want to trade my freedom wings for something greeny plants stuff thats not in stores and i have a duck plushie and i want 4 plants
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    1. It sounds like a good trade, but I only have 2 rare plants, the Venus Flytraps which eren´t released.

    2. mythicalspiritwolf1Tuesday, September 03, 2013

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  3. Wow I like this it's AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see part 2 XD~~~littlekitty5678 from Animaljam

  4. this is boring


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