Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jellyfish Hat and studed collar

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! My humble appologies for this late post. I have been working on a little project that I´m doing for this blog. Suspense? Haha.
I have almost no time, here are the two new items, credit to Kinyonga and her blog.
Here is a random doodle I´ve done, it´s  a self portrait XD
I´m gonna hang it inside my school locker XD
Talking about school, wanna know my Homework Motto?
"Never do something today if you can do it tomorrow"
Soooo, sorry for the wacky and cranky post. See ya!


  1. Awesome blog! I've been reading since last year! I love your doodle, and what is the surprise may I ask?

    1. If I told you it would no longer be a surprise XD

  2. who won the bat wings?!?

    You might not remember me but I had the blog about movies. I accendently deleted it so here is my new web address.


    1. Which ones? I seem to give out bat wings a lot :P
      Yes, I remeber the movie blog :D

    2. i dont know i think it was Sep 27. Hope u feel better!

    3. i dont know i think it was Sep 27. Hope u feel better!

    4. It was Friday 27. Hope u feel better soon!

  3. Doesn't sound like a late or cranky post to me XD

    I'm SOO excited for the studded wristbands! My sister, wolfruleri, is going to buy one for me soon.

  4. Hi MCB, are you going to add me to your commenters thingy? Alsoooo, please tell me, how do you get that widget??? I reeeealy like it :3 Please add my blog, Animal Jam Newz at, to your blog list. Sorry to be that one person to point it out, but, in the codes list, you need to add AJBDAY3 and take off gecko.


    1. Totally true! Right now I gtg to school, I will do that in the afternoon!

  5. Can u email me ur doodle i like it very much i will display it in my gallery of fame on my blog after i complete the journey book guide when i get vacations for a festival and i like ur homework motto.
    Jam on

  6. Leaving all my homework until the period before it's due o3o

  7. Dude did you put AdChoices on your blog?


    Who has also a blog XD

    1. I didn't want to ask '' who has a blog?'' i wanted to say by the comment that i have also a blog like MisterChunkyBuddy

  8. Ok now that i saw the rule that i can advertise my blog, Here is my website link:

    You can check it out MCB!

  9. HAHA! The self portrait is ALL over your second blog

    P.S. your second blog is really random!


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