Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phantom Lockbox

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So, here is today´s new item!
Cool, but keeping phantoms inside a den is terribly dangerous, keep awere of that.
Well, I actually have some at my den, but I just have them there to produce electricity for the computer and TV :P
Also, there is no Showoff Saturday today because I forgot to remind you yesterday so no one sent anything.
But it´s...
Yes, time to vote! Jammers, it´s up to you to decide what I will be doing on Fridays!
Yesterday I said that the jammer who commented the best idea would get non member bat wings, so I chose the three best ideas and now you will decided which one wins.
The ideas are from:
The collage idea!
The Random Video idea!
And the party/meeting idea!
So go on, vote on the poll! The winning idea will be anounced on Thursday. Until then, Jam on!


  1. Hi Misterchunkybuddy!

  2. mythicalspiritwolf1Saturday, September 14, 2013

    hey mister
    i could not find poll on the blog but i would like if you would have party or meeting and chck out my den i collect phantoms i only need square and circle imprisoned phantoms and 5 different colored tall phantom statue and please please please please please please please please please please please please please add me to your buddy list.


  3. Hey! MisterChunkyBuddy!
    I hope this will be the featured comment, so all jammers know this:
    I discovered an awesome glitch, please no telling to AJHQ ;) its not bad!
    The glitch is that a cast moves weirdly around being fox playing.
    Well, what you must do is:
    1.Be a FOX ONLY
    2. Buy a Cast
    3. Wear the Cast
    4. Click actions
    5. select play action
    And there you have it! a weird glitch!
    -Your fan, Ariadna3752.

  4. Hey Misterchunkybuddy did you know if you click the crack on the ice in the Mt. shiveer cake really really fast continuously millions of penguins come sliding down the ice slide? XD

    1. Actually, I click the Hot Cocoa Hut for da penguins to slide down XD

    2. I GOT MIXED UP SORREH. i mean the COCOA HUT

  5. BTW, I keep LOADS of phantoms at my house XD but theres 1 spooky thing, THEY MOVE AROUND!!!!Everyday when i visit my den the phantoms are moved in a different spot O.O!Now that's spooky

  6. Cool! Thanks!

    But it looks like my idea isn't very popular. :3

  7. Phantom lockbox is really cool!

  8. I think having a party would be super fun, it'd be a way for you to meet your fans and understand them more in person!


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