Thursday, September 26, 2013

Phantom Time!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I appologise for not posting yesterday, I didn´t feel very well. The winner of the 600,000 views contest is funplay1, I already sent the prize. But today´s update is awesome, have a look!
Wow, such an awesome title, I can´t wait to finish this post so I can try it out! :P
Yay! Welcome back, both of you!
Ohhh! Yes! :) Night of the Phantoms is probably my favourite celebration tied with Jamaalidays.
Adventure map! Wow, I get so lost in adventures, this will be very useful :) And that new animal sounds good! Spoted and fast, maybe a cheetah?
I´m gonna buy a Haunted Mansion, I´ve never had one. And the party iz awezome :)
Haha, the PV prize is really cool. I´m not gonna tell ya, its so cool it´s better to discover yourself.
Ok... Ok.
Soooo, that was the Journal! Here is the new item!
Personally I don´t like watches, they are to heavy to wear.
Also, here is the wackiest glicth ever!
lol, I wonder how it happened?
And this weeks giveaway is Bat Wings, comment a number between 1 and 100 to enter! Jam on!


  1. I choose 47 and sorry i went suddenly my mom told to put it off quickly and you were on brb. I have Turd the turtle and Rachel the giant raccoon meet you later and trade.
    Jam on !

  2. #11 that's my number and mcb if you want to trade jam a gram me !!!! ~lawman11

  3. I am choosing lucky number 7! Also this update is so cool! - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. I choose 8, since it is my volleyball number. :)

  5. I choose 33! ~SparkleFootball

  6. 26 ^^

    And that truthfully is a crazy glitch.

    I'm really happy about winning, thanks!

  7. I choose 93

    i really hope i win cuz my bffs bday is in 1 week and bat wings are her dream item!
    plz plz plz random number generator!

  8. i hope you win Jammer 67!!!

  9. 85 is my guess and i think the new animal is a cheetah cuz that was the only big cat that aj suported but didn't make so..... ya

  10. I choose number 68 Thanks!! --chocolate4050

  11. im pony4ever1, i choose the number 54. (i want to get the wings because my friend's b day is coming up and i want t surprise her!!) im a nm btw

  12. 77 I like dat number :D

  13. Hi this is sackname and i think the number is 5

  14. I will pick.... 67
    User: xxsilverymoonxx
    p.s.: your blog is AWESOME!

  15. Let me estimate....... fifty-nine?
    Maybe that was quite a cool answer.
    Also I think the animal is maybe a seahorse!
    Or maybe a chinchilla, or a beaver or kind-of-webbed-feet-duck-billed-platypus.
    My last one is!!!!!!!! A talking parrot when it plays and dances.
    A sea horse is like a horse and it has a funny tail and it lives in the sea.
    Chinchillas are good at jumping and my uncle has chinchillas as pets! :)
    Beavers can gnaw on wood and it makes the trees fall down then the beaver makes a dam.
    Platypuses have a duck-billed beak and they have webbed feet JUST like a duck or a goose!
    There are LOADS of types of birds in Rio, Brazil.
    However some are endangered like the blue macaw.

    Hey and how does that glitch happen? Did it happen when a lion roared?
    Do you remember the Halloween party last year, it was so cool!
    I used to have Rare Frankenstein mask and it was pink.
    Also Mira's gone : -( , it also happened last year.
    Okay I am hanka4578 so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed my answers.

  16. Your other glitch from that jammer works! YOU should try it again!

    From hanka4578 again :-I...................

  17. Lawman keeps taking 11 XD Well...69 XD

  18. I guess 23 or 69.


  19. Darn! Can't choose 8, my lucky number, so I'll choose.... 88. Lol.


    P.S. Check out my new blog! I mentioned you in it SOOO many times XD

    Here be da link:

  20. Hmrm... my guess is.... 13? Don't copy meh answer >:D

  21. Order 66 from star wars


  22. I think 27 for the date


  23. Hey it is hanka4578 and again if you want to know my answer is 59

  24. 25 >.< meh luckeh number 0_0


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