Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pirate Hat

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry I didn´t post yesterday, I didn´t feel very well. Today´s returning item is one of my all-time favourite hats, the Pirate Hat!
I like this item a lot. here is this weeks outfit idea, a "Canyon Wolf"
Its called a Canyon Wolf because its red just as Coral Canyons, that´s how original I am. The itemjs you need are:
  • Red Spiked Hair (Jam-mart clothing, 300 gems)
  • Leaf Neklace (Jam-mart clothing, 150 gems)
  • Red Worn Blanket (Sky High/Trading)
  • Red leg Armor (Jam-mart clothing, 80 gems)
Appondale is cool.
(Really Random)
And here is today´s featured comment:
Hum... You can make something like a forest. Or a gold bar collection. Or get creative and make wallpapers with random items. Anyone out there, can you help in the comments? :D
Also I noticed that we are pretty close to 600,000. Whoever sends me a screenshot of the view counter closest to 600,000 or in 600,000 exact will get Scary Bats as a reward. My email is misterchunkybuddy@gmail.com.
Happy JamminG!
P.S. Woops, I did the G in caps. Well, I can´t be bothered to change it. Though I can be bothered to type this p.s. It would have been easier to just change the G. Well I can´t be bothered to erase this.


  1. Congrats on almost 600,000 views! Also Appondale is cool XD - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. I am collecting plaques so if any of you have them meet me at 1 st server Tigris (did you know there are 2 of each server) i don't want any Online Safety Plaque and time : 4:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on 28th of September and that's a Saturday .I can only get 2 Plaques because I have non-member scary bat wings and a rare freedom cape.
    -Mythicalspiritwolf1 Jam on!

  3. I'd be cool if there could be an effect on AJ where you can change the time of day in your dens ^^

    That would be really cool ^^

    1. That would be cool!
      Lol I just saw this comment and I'm like,
      "That would be awesome =P"

    2. Indeed, great minds think alike.

      Fist bump! :D

  4. I can help in the comment. I have almost nothing to do on my blog anyway XD

    Good thing I have all that stuff for the Canyon Wolf idea, but I'm still suspended =-=

  5. I entered the 600,000 views thing, but I probably got wayyyy far off.

  6. omg i made comment of the day im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    1. and those ideas are awesome ill try some of them :)

  7. Dear Mister Chunkybuddy,
    How do you make GIFs? Also, I entered the 600,000 views thing, and, even though I'm PRETTY sure I lost, my eMail is horganista@icloud.com, but I accidentally forgot to put my username on it XD


    P.S. Look at my youtube channel :3 Here's the link :)


  8. When will you announce the winner of the 600,000 views contest?

  9. i have a bbn beyond breaking news for u nm wings are now rare

  10. Hey its hanka4578, MCB! Well I make movies but I am not 12 so I cant go on Youtube to publish them I don't have a Youtube account :-( Well I save them on my computer so no one comments them! My brother's account was deleted because he did comments and my dad said "Don't do the comments on the Wolf Quest video thing" I do remember he made a movie about me as a baby, and I was CUUUUUTE!
    My brother is martin44488 and his Youtube account used to be 77777777MD!
    Okay I got to go I am desperate for a poo O.O

  11. The ads are RUINING your blog!


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