Sunday, September 1, 2013

Randomness with Jokapaka and Zach94!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! So this is just a random video with two of my buddies, Jokapaka and Zach94. Enjoy!
I think I will upload random videos more often, there are so fun to make XD


  1. I got a non-member silver chain necklace from adventures today, I was wondering how rare or how much you think it's worth..btw I love your blog :)

    1. I think its worth something of the sort from adventures.

  2. You do know that Zach is the same person as Springclaw, yeah?
    Just warning you...

    1. 0_0 I thought they were just friends...?
      Are you sure they are teh same person? They are totally different...

    2. Sure. On one of Springclaw's posts, she said she was changing her username to Zach94.

    3. Wow. It is impressive how Zach is so much nicer than Springclaw.

    4. Misterchunkybuddy, sorry to complain but while looking at your blog i heard a loud pop, WHAT HAPPENED! btw its angelgal1 :3

  3. Hi MCB! I saw you posted a lot here, so I decided to respond here:
    There is a lot of bad people that have been visiting your blog. 0-0 If you'll notice, they're all the haters. They don't even "state the reason they hate". And, I have actually been offended on the AJCC by one of the anonymous posts. You will find it, it actually kind of hurt my feelings as much as it might have your too, because you were mentioned in anonymous' comment also. Also, the anonymous person who commented posted bad words, so that's already bad enough.

    I am just concerned, thanks anyway though!
    (btw you'll know him when you see him)

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. It´s annoyiing how people do that. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate when I am too busy to read all the comments and people like you warn me of haters ;)

  4. i love your blog i try to read it every day


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