Monday, September 9, 2013

Rare Royal Cape

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today was my first day of school, luckily it doesn´t seem as I will have much homework. As a matter of facts, I´d rather do this blog than homework XD
Ehm, certain adults wouldn´t be very happy if they read this so let´s move to the rare for today. The Rare Royal Cape, predicted in adventures, second page of Jam-Mart-Furniture and perfect if you are a member with loads of gems and you like light purple!
I don´t personally like it much.
Here is the Weekly Question!
When was Den Depot Released?
Good luck!
And now for the featured comment...
Unfortunately AJHQ no more gives member gifts DX 
What do you prefer, diamonds or member gifts? I way preffer member gifts.
Happy Jamming!


  1. 1sr comment love your blog , it's so awesome and love the rim

    Blueberry b

  2. I prefer member gifts! and don't you think that AJ should at least give you like 2 diamonds instend of 1?
    and also to answer the question, i think it was during the fox update in july 2012?

    However i still think having a den shop is pointless when you can just get there from your own den >:l

  3. To answer the question:
    The Den Depot was released on Thursday, July 19, 2012.

  4. den depot came out July 20th 2012.
    Have fun Mister chunkybuddy! I ove your blog XXDD

    1. Oh ya Krazycanuck was right. i got it off feelers blog and i relized they said it was late.
      I was typing when Krazycanuck posted D= lol

  5. Thanks MisterChunkyBuddy for making me my comments go on top of the blog, thanks again and thanks for replying, thats what i was looking for.

    1. And ya, i want member gifts too! Lawl

    2. Yes, almost everyone wants member gifts away.
      That goes for you, AJHQ.

  6. july 21


  7. MisterChunkybuddy,

    Well,I think Den Depot was released on Friday,July 20,2012 during the fox update.
    {Maybe Thursday,July 19,2012}
    I love the blog:)

  8. it was released july 21 2012 ~lawman11

  9. sorry i meant July 21 2012


  10. The member gifts sounded awesome! I mean, it sounds better but I like to hang out with buddies in the diamond shop. So I think we should have member gifts back but also just have the diamond shop to hand out in. ~PurpleWolf1314


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