Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hiya jammers MCB here!
Sorry this post has to be quick I have almost no time today´s item is a stethoscope at the medical center shop okay sorry for not doing full stops and no picture but I have time tomorrow´s post will be way better sorry and jam on!


  1. 1st comment and also you have unmasked Kris as Whodunnit and the Killer and the true sinner Kam


  2. 1st comment


  3. Hi Coolpapa70232!
    Hey, I know what Howrse is! I don't play it that much anymore, mainly because it just wasn't Animal Jam. (I quit Animal Jam for about a week, so I joined Howrse, though I just couldn't stay away from Animal Jam lol)

  4. The cast glitch works! By the way, the cast stretched underground.
    How come?

    From hanka4578

    My brother martin44488 wants to add you.
    Oh and my cousin is janus1234


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