Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wind Armor

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! today´s item is the Wind armor! It looks really awesome!
Only one diamond left :P
I think the pieces of Wind armor which have been released so far are so cool, a lot beter than the Phoenix armor. Bu we should be able to change the colors of the purple cloths. 
Anyway, today is Tuesday, meaning its Outfit Idea day! This week it will be an idea I discovered yesterday:
There you go! A perfect outfit for special ocassion! You can leave your hat on so your buddies will 
recognise you. It is a great outfit for weddings, proms and even schools!
It does look a bit wacky  on  Koalas, specially since the tie is too loose and too long, but you can experiment with all your animals.
Today´s featured comment is:
Correct, you are the winner of this week´s weekly question! Jamaa means family in Kswahili.
So, see ya, right now I am going to try and get my parents to help me out with setting up AdSense on this blog, let´s see how it goes!


  1. 1st comment and congrats rosey icywolf for solving it.


    1. To,MisterChunkybuddy

      can you finish your comic i sent you a jam-a-gram on this maybe a couple of times


    2. Yes, that´s one of the things I have to do. There is quite a lot of updating I need to do :P

  2. I had my 1st day ar school today love the new item btw

    Blueberry b

  3. MisterChunkyBuddy,
    I have a question, if you recycle a diamond shop item, will you get gems or not?

  4. I want Wind Armor so bad! I wish I went on Animal Jam earlier, so that I could get it! I want some items to stay in the Diamond shop sometimes, like Phoenix Armor. I have enough diamonds to buy Wind Armor. I just hate how they don't stay in the Diamond Shop. Usually, AJHQ makes bad outfits and they stay in the Diamond Shop longer. I wish Phoenix Armor and Wind Armor would stay longer... I just don't get it sometimes. Why do they keep the bad items and the good items don't stay long?! Also, I tried trading fairly and they declined. It was a fair trade. Sometimes I just don't understand AJHQ.


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