Friday, October 25, 2013

Horns and Scorpions

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Whoa, it´s been a while since I last typed that sentence. Sorry a lot about my sudden dissappearence, I´ve had a very bussy week with homework and exams. Luckily I can now relax a bit and pay more atention to this blog :)
So, here is today´s new item, though it actually is returning! The underwater horns, that look like a viking hat with no hat! (If you see what I mean XD)
I quite like underwater stuff, I wonder why it´s all so unpopular. 
Probably cause non members can do nothing on them DX
Here is today´s second item:
Cool, but WHAT? NO YELLOW!!!!!!!!?????????? I hate it when items have no yellow color :(
Also, I am still trying to figure out the time for Party Fridays. 
Here is today´s featured comment:
True! I am alike with Cosmo because I love nature. And with Liza because I like travelling and exploring. And with Graham too, as I´m only serious about 20% of the time... specially at school XD
Which alpha are you alike with, jammers?
Be happy, belive in the power of Jamaa.
P.S. What exactly is the power of Jamaa? Up to you to decide! XD
P.S.2. DoN´t FoRgEt To SeNd YoUr ArT fOr ShOwOfF sAtUrDaY!


  1. It's okay! I've been having a hard time posting too. Everything gets so busy! I think I'm the most like Cosmo or Sir Gilbert. Perhaps the power of Jamaa is all of us Jammers working together peacefully? - xXRobinHoodXx

  2. Hmm, I don't have a favorite alpha.
    Comso maybe?

  3. I'm alike almost all the alphas I know. XD

  4. i am alike all alphas in a way but i will say my favorite is Cosmo


    1. I like Cosmo a lot too. :)

    2. I like Peck and Cosmo the most:) Snowcone61

  5. Power of Jamaa!
    Jamaa is home to many and many powers such as the power of Zios, Mira, Spirit stones and phantoms.

    Zios is the sky god. He and Mira are responsible for the creation of world of Jamaa.

    Zios had created Mira to help him create a world of peace and prosperity. She and Zios are responsible for the creation of jamaa and she is responsible for the creation of phantoms as well.

    Spirit stones
    Spirit stones are magical stones that allow every kind of animal to live in jamaa.

    Phantoms are evil. Phantoms were created by the tears of Mira when Zios left her.

    The exact power of Jamaa may be Zios and Mira.

  6. AJHQ should create a rare bow and arrows red :)

  7. so many blogs u need 2 update... when will u do dat?

  8. I'm probably the most like Peck. As Isabella Whyne said as well, I love art just like Peck. I'm also super crazy and don't take things very seriously, but, when I want to, I can be very disciplined and serious. :)

  9. How do i add a logo for my page instead of the blogger logo on the tab?


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