Monday, October 7, 2013

The Return of Non Member Bat Wings!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I am now officially back to posting normally :)
There is a really exciting Rare today, be sure to buy as many aas you can, because Scary Bat WIngs, more commonly known as Bat Wings or Non member Wings, are back to stores after they were first released in October 2010, Jamaa´s first Night of the Phantoms! Tah-dah!
I bet loads of people are now mad because they wanted them to stay rare and other people are absolutely delighted because now everyone can get this awesome item, which actually is the dream item of quite a lot of people. Which group are you in? I´m in the second one.
Be very careful, loads of people will now be trying the new item scam! If you see someone about to accept, stop them!
This weeks weekly question is:
When was Brady Barr´s lab first released?
Beware, I am refering to when it came out, not when it was redesigned.
And this is today´s featured comment:
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Don´t worry, be happy and keep on JAMMING


  1. I'm half way between - I half wanted RSBW to stay rare, and half wanted 'em to return.
    They, along with clover blankets, are my favourite clothing items :3

    1. Yes, clover blankets are so awesome!
      My favourite clothing item is probably the Pirate Hat.

  2. I love the fact that they are back! ..i know alot of people hate this but i think that trading ruined the game it was much better before trading came out :I

    1. Well, for good or for bad, trading is a really big part of AJ.

  3. I think it is great that they came out! I know that so many Jammers dreamed of having a pair and now they can! - xXRobinHoodXx

  4. I am both happy and disappointed that bats came back out. I liked having something rare, but I am really happy for people who really wanted some. They were being won in adventures a lot anyway. Was Brady Barrs lab released in 2011? Possibly in December? ~SparkleFootball

  5. Well my favorite clothing items are the tiara, beret and skirt. my favorite rares are fox hats, clover blankets, leis, bat wings, lockets too! I only have two of those rares I said about. Bat wings and Locket. I wonder how you stay rare? Lots of non members have many rares but it isn't fair for others. I so hope they're not scammers! Well I have been scammed by a wolf and she scammed my fox hat, and cookie chair from Jamaalidays 2012. Got to go now! I hope you agree with me.


    Please visit my den it's a spooky house party! :-D

  6. Oh I am a girl.


  7. Brady 's lab was released around March 18 2011.

    -Mythiclspiritwolf1 jam on!

  8. December 6 2011


  9. wheredo you buy the scary bat wings

  10. I liked the way you typed jamming in rainbow :P


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