Monday, November 25, 2013

Rare faerie Wings

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for my lack of posting during the weekend, I had to study for a french exam. But now I am free! Mwahahaha!
Enough mucking around, let´s move to the Rare Item Monkday! (Woops, mistype. I can´t be bothered to fix it :p)
Today we have a perfect item if you like gliding across the sky with amazing, pink wings! Faerie wings!
Wonderfull! Now I can change into a pink fairy.
Ok, that turned out a lot weirder than I expected. Anyway that look is way to pinkish for me, better go back to normal.
On a random note, here is a cool thing I made on my den for my pets:
I really like the new pet items, they are very cool.
Also, loads of people have been asking me why is my den locked. Reason is, I like having a place to relax and chat with my buddies. But I might make a party soon, when I can be more or less sure that it won´t be a fail.
Of course, my last party was at 50,000 views, and now we have about 9000 left for 700,000. And 150 followers. I never thought I could get my blog to be this popular, thanks for the support :)
Here is this week´s weekly question:
When was Brady Barr´s Lab released?
Comment with your answers!
And last but not least, here is the featured comment!
If I were you I would relax, fluffy. Memberships are really cool but you can have tons of fun in Jamaa without one.
What do ya think about membership, my dear jammers? Good? Bad? So-so? Junk? Unfair? Comment your opinion, happy jamming!
P.S. Make sure you eat bananas this week. One at least, but more if possible.

Playing Pets Party!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Here I come with the promised post about the party! Sit back and enjoy the review!
When I entered, it was like Wow, this is so epic! The perfect chance to put myself into Stoptron´s fins! I turned into him because it was the pet that I was with in that moment.
I like these tiny miniature items, they are really cool. It will be fun to see what jammers do with them
Lol, I suppose this party is hidden in Sarepia forest or something... And its so small no one finds it. I just hope phantoms dont ruin it.
Hey, look at that! You can buy the music. I suggest trying it out, it is seriously epic.
You can wash and dress up...
And a giant flower, its perfect for setting up to fly!
Ok, lets change to a flying pet.
Now I can fly as my owl, the doughnut lover!
There is a shop! Cool!
This party is awesome, good luck when visiting it!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Play as your pet and sword giveaway

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Long time no see, I am so glad to be back :)
My computer is still broken, but I guess it will be fixed sometime. (I hope... XD)
So, I got a friend to lend me his computer, so I can post again! As you might´ve guessed I am sort of off track with the new items, so I will post today´s update and starting tomorrow I hope to be back to normal again. So... here we go!
Wow, I have to see that! :D 
Hehe... Be sure to look out for the Play as your pet post!
Wow, thats epic. Though it would look wacky on kangaroos XD
Yay, can´t wait for deer! I just hope they can be bought for gems and not diamonds.
Yes, gifts and gems! Jamaa is good :D
AJHQ... Typical. They put a big page with some really mysterious news full of suspense. Wait and see, I suppose XD
Today is giveaway day, comment your random nº to win this pirate sword!
And the featured comment:
Yep, the awesome blog, AJ Community, has reopened! So click the link below.
 Come on, ye wanna do it. Click or I will come into the room you are and make you click it.
That´s all jammers, see you ate the new party!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pile of leaves, comics and dens

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I finally found out that my computer has three problems.
1. The charger won´t charge
2. There is a battery problem
3. Apparently the inside of it is dirty 0_0
So, it should be fixed in a few days or so, but apparently it is gonna die soon DX
So I´m saving for a new one. Any recomendations?
Well, here is today´s new item! It is cool, autumnal and non-member, Yay!
I love this item! Isn´t it great to hop wildly on fallen leaves?
So, today is Showoff Saturday!
First we have a cool picture sent by ISIRA12345.
Cool! The phantom´s legs are really good.
And next we have an amazing start of a "The Great Phantom War" comic by Ainoa18!
Click to enlarge! Great job, Ainoa 18! 
Message from Ainoa18: If at least 2 people comment saying they like it I will do more.
Also, here is a tip if you have bought the mushroom den and  have no idea of what wallpaper to use: Use blue sky walpaper! It will look like this:
Thats part of my den, and my face cut in half.
Also, many people have been asking me why I have unlocked my den. Reason is, it´s always good to have a place were I can be calm with my buddies :)
And talking about buddies, my list is full, sorry >.<
Last but not least, here is the featured comment!
Unfortunately Ainoa18 and indio, who used to post when I couldn´t, are almost bussier than me with real life stuff. Also they have kind of lost interest on AJ, so I might do author tryouts soon.
I have a life appart from AJ. (I think.) 
So long jammers, See ya in Jamaa!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Antlers and Wings

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting yesterday, my computer is half dead. I hope I can fix it soon. I´m writing this from my friends computer.
So, two new items today, here is the first one!
Sorry for not making a GIF, this computer hasn´t got the program I usually use to make GIFs. 
Antlers are a bit weird... Haha.
And the next item are faerie wings!
Perfect if you want to be a fairy!
Yep, that´s a golden fairy flying through the forest with mustard colored wings trying to find honey.
We live in a wacky, wacky world.
And here is today´s featured comment!
Yes, I have thought a lot about putting comment moderation in this blog. But that wouldn´t be necessary if jammers learnt to keep rude things to themselves.
Anyway, happy jamming!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Topaz Birthstone

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting, I have been busy all week with homewok, exams, and making a halloween mask for a contest my school had on Thursday.
But now I´m "free" of homework, yay!
As it´s the start of a new month, we have a new birthstone!
Cool! I don´t colect birthstones, but I suppose this will be great for everyone who does.
Also, I finally decided what to do on fridays. (Unfortunately Party Friday would be too complicated as I would need to plan a lot cause I´m on a different Time Zone than most of the viewers on this blog, but i do plan to have a party sometime)
So the new EXTRA on Fridays is......
Fact Friday!
This is this Friday´s fact!
Yes, lobsters are totally weird XD
And last but not least, here is today´s featured comment!
I totally agree. There should be a day every month or so were all nonmembers get to be members so they can try out all the cool features. And maybe members should turn into non-members, because some of them (not all) really need to think a bit about how non-members feel.
Keep on Jammin!