Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pile of leaves, comics and dens

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I finally found out that my computer has three problems.
1. The charger won´t charge
2. There is a battery problem
3. Apparently the inside of it is dirty 0_0
So, it should be fixed in a few days or so, but apparently it is gonna die soon DX
So I´m saving for a new one. Any recomendations?
Well, here is today´s new item! It is cool, autumnal and non-member, Yay!
I love this item! Isn´t it great to hop wildly on fallen leaves?
So, today is Showoff Saturday!
First we have a cool picture sent by ISIRA12345.
Cool! The phantom´s legs are really good.
And next we have an amazing start of a "The Great Phantom War" comic by Ainoa18!
Click to enlarge! Great job, Ainoa 18! 
Message from Ainoa18: If at least 2 people comment saying they like it I will do more.
Also, here is a tip if you have bought the mushroom den and  have no idea of what wallpaper to use: Use blue sky walpaper! It will look like this:
Thats part of my den, and my face cut in half.
Also, many people have been asking me why I have unlocked my den. Reason is, it´s always good to have a place were I can be calm with my buddies :)
And talking about buddies, my list is full, sorry >.<
Last but not least, here is the featured comment!
Unfortunately Ainoa18 and indio, who used to post when I couldn´t, are almost bussier than me with real life stuff. Also they have kind of lost interest on AJ, so I might do author tryouts soon.
I have a life appart from AJ. (I think.) 
So long jammers, See ya in Jamaa!


  1. Dont get an HP Pavilion dm 1 I have one and the hinges are weak and we have had problems with the screen.

  2. i would definately enter author tryouts :D and the comic is fun my blog is going to be shut down now...

  3. I'm going to create my own comic and then share it with you!

  4. I'll send art soon :)

    I'm working on a piece of you, but of course I'm too lazy to finish :P

  5. I can be a create oauther. I go one blogger everday and post posts (remember film preteen reviews)/
    I almost never have homework!
    Plz let me be your 2nd auther


  6. I love the art, Ainoa 18!
    I would love to sign up to be an author but I already have a blog myself. And I too, is having problems posting everyday. XD
    (And thanks for uploading my question! :3)

    Love the blog! ~ m0nkeygirl6

  7. how do u post picture on you thing

  8. LOVE THE DRAWINGS! espicially cosmo and peck! plz do another one!

  9. look at this blog:

    1. ^^
      That blog is mean and ... BLAHH
      It talks about bad stuff and how much he hates animal jam ( even though he plays it...)
      It swears... A LOT. And it deals with gross adult stuff.
      Remove this comment Mister Chunky Buddy DX Please

  10. Buddy me bluesky152

  11. Hi mcb I wish I could make a blog but I don't no how and r u on face book?


  12. Get an Apple MacBook Air

  13. I could recommend you get a sony vaio they are really good and sort of light to carry I you take it with you I always use it to make videos . Also if you have windows 8 with it it's pawesome

    1. sony vaio has got 3 Gs out of five in the gadget show

  14. Great comic! Love it ;) Also, I think you should have author try-outs soon...I will join!! Sorry, haven't been commenting for a while cos of homework XD but the teacher said she won't be giving lots any more because she thinks we work "to hard" now XD !! Again, love the comic!

    Oh, and keep up with the blog!!


  15. Could you email me the comic? XXDD
    My gmail account is

    If ya don't get to, it's okay.

  16. Has your computer died yet??!! XD XD

  17. I like your comic Ainoa18!

  18. Love the comic!There so funny!plz make more!

  19. I like that. How's my new profile picture :3

  20. You should get another writer, just to keep things on track while you're busy. I'd volunteer ^-^

  21. Hey, I'm glad to see your blog is still up! And just so you know, Animal Jam Community is officially reopened. Wow - now you have more views than AJC... good job. ;)

    from fluffy54805


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