Thursday, November 21, 2013

Play as your pet and sword giveaway

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Long time no see, I am so glad to be back :)
My computer is still broken, but I guess it will be fixed sometime. (I hope... XD)
So, I got a friend to lend me his computer, so I can post again! As you might´ve guessed I am sort of off track with the new items, so I will post today´s update and starting tomorrow I hope to be back to normal again. So... here we go!
Wow, I have to see that! :D 
Hehe... Be sure to look out for the Play as your pet post!
Wow, thats epic. Though it would look wacky on kangaroos XD
Yay, can´t wait for deer! I just hope they can be bought for gems and not diamonds.
Yes, gifts and gems! Jamaa is good :D
AJHQ... Typical. They put a big page with some really mysterious news full of suspense. Wait and see, I suppose XD
Today is giveaway day, comment your random nº to win this pirate sword!
And the featured comment:
Yep, the awesome blog, AJ Community, has reopened! So click the link below.
 Come on, ye wanna do it. Click or I will come into the room you are and make you click it.
That´s all jammers, see you ate the new party!


  1. I'll guess 87 :)

    That's really cool stuff, and your right, I do hope the deer is payed by gems, every animal being a diamond item is infuriating!

  2. The new update is okay. The best thing about it honestly was the video.

  3. I guess 41! -3-
    I really like this update! Though, I do also hope that the deer is going to be able to be bought with gems. :L


  4. i will guess... 12
    lol. last time I guessed 19 which is one of my favorite numbers and now I will
    guess my other favorite number! 12!

  5. Hey Mister Chunkybuddy, are floating lollipops for your den beta?

  6. 21 is my guess :3 I wonder if they'll put on the other alphas on the adventures, like Amelia the fox alpha *~*Zebracrazy*~*

  7. I guess...


    Lemme think...

    Yeah, eighteen :3

  8. yay! you have put your blog back up!
    good to see that! awesome blog post! :) :) XD XD

  9. I think 8 cuz the 8th book of diary of a wimpy kid was released
    I think 58 cuz it was released on 5 November
    I mythicaspiritwolf1 hereby wow hat I am happy to see mister chunky buddy back on posting.

  10. #11 lawman11 guesses

  11. I'll guess 14 :) Anyway I LOVE the new armour :D

  12. #2 :) -Lexerdoodle
    Im so excited to get my membership renewed today- I can get the armor! It looks SO cool. I needed some new clothing items ;3

  13. my number is 34
    if that is picked my number is 75!
    Plz comment on myblog which is

  14. randomness5000


  15. 5? I am sackname.

  16. Koala74823

    74 iz my número!!!


  17. 37

  18. 37

  19. I hope deer are for gems. I am saving diamonds for an Arctic Wolf and I am at like 6 diamonds. My username is Dinosam2010 if you would like to trade me or add me.

  20. I choose.. Dun Udun dun (won't be bothered to change XD) 79 cause I feel like it!!

  21. I'm happylark22 and a nonmember. I really want a membership but they refuse to buy me one... D:<
    I hate members but I want a membership. Members are always mean to me. They think I am a lowly, good-for-nothing non-member. One of my buddies became a member and became mean and I am devastated.

  22. Yay deer are for gems! Happylark22 who said bad things about you?


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