Friday, November 1, 2013

Topaz Birthstone

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for not posting, I have been busy all week with homewok, exams, and making a halloween mask for a contest my school had on Thursday.
But now I´m "free" of homework, yay!
As it´s the start of a new month, we have a new birthstone!
Cool! I don´t colect birthstones, but I suppose this will be great for everyone who does.
Also, I finally decided what to do on fridays. (Unfortunately Party Friday would be too complicated as I would need to plan a lot cause I´m on a different Time Zone than most of the viewers on this blog, but i do plan to have a party sometime)
So the new EXTRA on Fridays is......
Fact Friday!
This is this Friday´s fact!
Yes, lobsters are totally weird XD
And last but not least, here is today´s featured comment!
I totally agree. There should be a day every month or so were all nonmembers get to be members so they can try out all the cool features. And maybe members should turn into non-members, because some of them (not all) really need to think a bit about how non-members feel.
Keep on Jammin!


  1. Well i think that all members becoming nm would be rude because i am a member and one of my best buddies is nm i think it would be very rude

  2. I have some reply of the featured comment:
    I know how to have membership is totally no scam infinitely % safe and sure works.
    You have to buy the magazine of AJ, there is a code of 1-3 days or 1 week, sometimes they put it but it expires soon, i had the opportunity to get one on youtube but it expired, so close!!!!

  3. mythicalspiritwolf1Saturday, November 02, 2013

    idea- We can email AJHQ about free mship

  4. hey people please participate in my author tryouts on my blog please

  5. I totally agree with nm turn into members.Well, I am not sure if it would be fair for members to turn into non-members, they would be REALLY REALLY REALLY angry...

  6. I wouldn't really care for members to turn into non members and the opposite, because a friend from school goes to many giveaways and wins many member accounts and she gives me some so its OK for me.


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