Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jamaalidays are here!

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I am back at last, yay! I´ve noticed we have only like 100 views left for 700,000. So here is the update (On a Sunday?)
I like Jamaaliday gifts, they are awesome! I will log on with my 32 AJ accounts everyday to stock up :P
I´d have to catch a plane to get to my nearest Walmart or Target store, but I think there is a GameStop near were I live, so I might get it.
Jamaliday gifts are so cool! I can´t wait to see what awesome items AJHQ has prepared for us!
I hope deer can be bought for gems and not just diamonds. And remember, play games to get gemmed :D
Argh, why won´t AJHQ tell us what it is?
Well, that was the Jamaa Journal, now here is the daily gift!
Wow, such a perfect way to welcome Jamaalidays! 
And here are the two new items:
I love this item, I´m gonna buy one and decorate it when ornaments come out.
Of course, December´s birthstone! I believe its the last one, but I don´t know because I don´t collect the birthstones.
And here is the gift calendar!
Hum the last two seem bigger and different, I wonder what they are?
Maybe deer will be a gift? Or maybe the Gingerbread den?
Here is how today´s item looks like.
And why is the Seasonal tree with all it´s leaves?
Here is AJHQ´s post...
... and the featured comment!
Yep, Jokapaka´s blog is seriously recomended!
Click. You know you want to.
What Jamaaliday gifts do you think there will be, jammers?
Be happy!


  1. I think that it's on a Sunday (oddly enough) because that is the first day of December... but it is still very odd for an update day! :P

  2. Can i send u pic with 700000 pageviews

  3. Thanks for featuring me! I don´t think the gifts will be deer and gingerbread den. What about nonmembers. I don't think AJHQ has designed them jet.

  4. I think one gift will be like, a snow-animal. And arctic wolves and other animals would be rares! That would be so cool to trade for!

  5. I think you should celebrate by having a party :) Oh, and TRY and add me!!


  6. Mister Chunky Buddy,
    Do you have any advice for making a blog?
    I'm planing on starting one but i have zero experience ^-^

  7. You should start by doing a give-away so that people will become more interested ;) Try to post everyday about all the updates, and ask your "fans" questions like "Do you like this new update?" Or something like that. Good luck! :D

  8. 32 storage accounts!? :O WOW.

  9. When will you be back posting? I really miss your posts..D:

  10. I do to :( I hope your new computer isn't broken XD And I have 4 accounts but my main one is furryanimals ;)

    See ya!

  11. I want to start making Animal Jam videos to do things like the News Crew, but I don't know how. I see most videos use Screencast-O-Matic. Can I trust that? My laptop's already pretty messed up :P

    1. Oh, yeah, my username is mrmoseby.

  12. Hi mister chunky monkey,
    I ALWAYS read your blog, and its pretty awesome!
    Can you please update the codes? I REALLY need some gems!

    1. whoops got your name wrong XD sorry mister chunkybuddy!!

  13. hey it is kbc2001 this is for tail armor 4


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