Monday, December 30, 2013

Rare Butterfly Wings

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s item is very cool, not that expensive for being a RIM, and best of all, non-member!
If you want to become a purple and blue butterfly, head to the last page of Jam-Mart-Clothing and buy this item! I have already done it XD
Introducing MisterChunkybuddy, the magical purple butterfly. I think the mowhawk ruins the effect a bit, but I couldn´t find antenae :P
Here is this weeks weekly question!
Comment your answers!
And last but not least, here is the featured comment!
For all the complicate design and confusing stuff, just have patience and you should soon get the hang of it. You can also search for tutorials in google and youtube.
See ya!


  1. Foxs talk to each-other in a series of yips and barks. (I'm pretty sure at least..)

    1. listen to the fox of course and then you'll know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /)_x not a logical explation i only have guess.yip-yip? /)_(\ worse anwser
      - panda23617

  2. Foxes bark (woof-woof-woof) and a bit of howling (ow-wow-wow-wow). They do this maybe becaus they are a canine and related to dogs and wolves

  3. Actually the howling is related to the sound of owl and the music answer is like ringrinddingringding

  4. Idk that I was the jammer of the month last year! I found that corner of your blog while exploring the dense jungles of trees with things written on .

  5. Foxes make barking sounds much alike dogs and wolves.
    Also, there is a new code! I got it from my nat geo kids magazine:


    There ya go ;)

  6. Foxes kind of bark I think. Also it is great that there is a non member rare! - Hawkeyex

  7. Omg, thank you Mister Chunky Buddy ;-;
    Please, take this cookie of thankfulness *Hands cookie*

  8. My AJ account is Llamagrl207 :D

  9. I got my own "What Does The Fox Say?" song.

    What does the fox say? Ringadingadingaringring
    What does the fox say? Arfyarfyarfyarfarfarfarfyy
    What does the fox say? AWOOOOOOOOOOO
    What does the fox say? End of the comment :D


  10. who knows ppl!! its an ancient mystery....

  11. actually the fox makes a yipping noise.

  12. Foxes are cute in Animal Jam. Too bad I'm not a member. Buddy me I am shy513 I have lots of rates on trade! :)

  13. I mean rates not rates! :3


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