Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reindeer Thingys

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! I am very sorry about my abscense, I have had quite a lot of exams, but it will soon be Christmas Holidays, can´t wait!
Today´s new item are reindeer thingys. I can´t remember their real name, I will see when I upload the pic XD
Oh, yes, a mask. I thought the name was antlers or horns or something. 
Here are the colors:
Sorry they aren´t in GIF mode, with this new computer I don´t have the program I usually use, but I suppose I will install it soon.
Even though it is members only, this item is rather cool! It is quite cheap compared to other stuff like that, and it is perfect for turning any animal into a dazzling reindeer and have fun with your friends!
Lol, my eyes are wacky. And that wolf (or reindeer) is cocoa52667.
As you can see on that pic, I got a joey pet. 
I quite like them, and I seriously recomend the Jump app, it's awesome.
Last but not least, here is the featured comment!
Hum, start by getting a cool and attractive design that suits your blog, and then just add pages, and post often about whatever you want! Try advertising your blog on your social sites and telling people about it, and it should get views soon! You just need patience and, of course, have fun doing it!
Happy jamming!


  1. Yay you posted! :D
    Im gonna ask my parents right now if i can get the Jump app. :3

  2. The jump app seriously rocks everybody ;) I really recommend it!! Joey pets are actually cool :) Their "clothes" are really nice XD

  3. Hey how do you actually MAKE a blog? been thinkin' bout it and I really want to make one.

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    1. You know, nerds and geeks will end up as your bosses in the future, so you better respect them. Oh, and one more thing. *hands you a dictionary* :)

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    3. Nerds are super cool GO SUPERWHOLOCK

  7. Mister Chunky Buddy i am also a jammer. I wish that i can be on the epic dens list because my den is epic nobody goes there an thinks i am just another loser non member. what do i do? I have another question too. I wish i were a member because everything is for members. Its like nobody cares about the non members anymore and i cant even get most of the non member stuff what do i do about that and how do you make a blog?

    1. P.S. my username is BunnBunn29971 thanks and i am a guy lol.

    2. Who has been using my username IM A GIRL TOO >:(

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