Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heart Pathways

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! No, I haven´t quited. No, I haven´t been arrested. No, I haven´t been koalanaped by aliens and no, I am not human O_o
I have just been busy with real life stuff, but hopefully I now can go back to my a-post-a-day-keeps-panic-away. :D And here is the lovely, heartly new item.
Perfect to make a love and heart themed den for Frienship February!
I don´t know if that´s good or bad...
Moving on to the Thursday extra, the giveaway! This week, comment your random number between 1 and 100 for a chance to win this non member sword!
Coooooooooooomment... XD Haha.
Now for an awesome glitch I saw in this awsomely awesome blog:
Click! Click! Click!
Its for standing on the thingy (yes, I know this is a great explanation :P) on Thierney´s Aquarium.
To do it you just have to stand near the thingy, and change animal. hile you have the wacko green thing around you, click the thingy and youre there :D
Now, the featured comment:
Apparently they are an item who used to be Best-Dressed only and now they are not even in best dressed.
They look so cool, I hope AJHQ brings them out sometime.
See you!
P.S. Thanks for 800,000 views ;)


  1. Who is the 80,000 views winner?


  2. 82, since the slightly larger and reddish letters in the post spelled out the words "eighty" and "two" lol. I hope I win! Great blog, btw, MisterChunkybuddy!


  3. Lol, ilovepenguinos saw that stuff first! XD
    The Redish letters spell out eighty two and im like, Woop thats my number!
    Then I saw ilovepenguinos got that first. :P Good Job!
    So I guess my number will be... 81! >:D

  4. lol i'll guess 26 :P random..

    bunnies, love, emotes jzale314 x3

  5. Hi! I am chocolate4050, and my number will be 64! Thanks!

    --Scooter (Animal Jam Sky Blog)

  6. Cool, I have seen those wings, in Best Dressed a long while ago. Lastly, you should take the ads off your blog, I just saw one with um.... women with no shirts, and it was offensive. No offense to anyone else, I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, but.... that's just a little too far.

    1. O_0 sorry about that. I don´t choose the ads, google does.

  7. 76? XD (My guess for the giveaway).

  8. Number: 19

  9. 82? :) good to know you aren't in jail and the key has been thrown away.


    1. WAIT WHAT??? oh someone took the number. sorry so much >.<
      ill have 1 please, if tooken, 3, if tooken, 7, if tooken, 9 , if tooken, 97.

    2. You got it two, so you win too :)


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