Friday, January 3, 2014

Ice Cube Chair

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry about the late post, I woke up really late.
Today´s item matches yesterdays, and is unfortunately member.
I´m not against memberships but I do think that non members should get a little more stuff.
Here is what the new item looks like:
And today is Fact Friday!
And why do turtle pets fall asleep all the time?
And why don´t they sleep inside their shells? Weird.
Today´s  featured comment is a great example of something we should achieve during 2014!
(By the way, the giveaway winner was Organistagirls, I already sent the prize)
You are right, Kinyonga, we should get AJHQ to pay more atention to oceans and bring underwater adventures and alphas.
Click below to go to Kinyonga´s blog:
Check back later today for a post on how the underwater alphas might be and look like! I might make some drawings to include.
Happy jamming!


  1. its ok chunky
    - panda23617

    1. i saw your den!I HAVE A DEN IDEA its in my den.
      its the heart flowers with the other things
      - panda236177

    2. /\____/\ /
      =| - . - |=___/
      |_|-| |- |_|
      Like my cat?Its paw-made
      - panda23617

    3. Ok, I'll check it out. Nice cat, btw.

    4. thanks!
      - panda23617

  2. i luv how u sorta made a fountain with the alpha statues!Ü so cool!


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