Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pet Ice Rink

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Today´s item is seriously epic!
This is a seriously awesome item! Personally I think it should really be non member, but I like everything else about it! It is also interactive, like the Toy Car Racetrack thing. I decided to put it into my fun den.
Yes, I have a den only for toys and plushies :D
Have you noticed that the Cosmo den has a littlle bath thingy?
Cool, I like dens that have water places.
Also, I want to recomend this post on snowyclaw´s blog:
I suppose most of you have already read it because AJS is an extreamly popular blog, but if you haven´t, I think you should, because it contains very important info about how to prevent your account getting hacked.
And finally, here is the featured comment:
Interesting, I'll have to try and get a pirate sword to try that out, its really anoying when a phantom is chasing you and it "puts you on a deep sleep" before you manage to break a web to escape to some other place.
So see you, now I have to do some homework.


  1. oops put the cloud there by accident. i commented on cloudclaws, snowyclaw, allrisesilver, numnum13, & nafaria9's blogs

  2. that item is awesome!!!totally epic....and yeah that post about hacking was really helpful
    - panda23617

  3. /\
    |12345673/ | \
    > •

  4. how did u get that recycling bucket?n i luv your fun den
    - panda23617

  5. Cool blog!! I wanna know, how do you get yours so popular??

  6. Gloves work to break phantom webs fast too:)


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