Monday, January 13, 2014

Rare Spartan armor

Hiya jammers, MCB here! And today´s rare, also here!
Kewl! To match last week´s. But as I don´t have last week´s I wore it with a samurai hat :p
I am the Spartan Space Samurai and I wear elf shoes XD
Now for a cool glitch yuyu39427 sent in:
gtg srry 4 the sudden stop  cu


  1. Again... 1st comment XD
    Cool RIM!
    And cool koala. XD

  2. Will u finish this post later?
    - panda23617

  3. O.O
    Spartan Space Samaurai! Not bad. XD

  4. Finally I’ve found your blog, awesome way of explaining each and everything really.
    cheat cod ghosts

  5. i saw the same glitch! the one that the visit den trade list i was so confused! XD

  6. There is a new a small animal glitch and a invisible animal glitch and where can i use the new greelys passage?
    P.S. where are my other comments there were 91 of themDX
    I got hard luck yay!

  7. i know a glitch type in kool in chat then comes up with cool


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