Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Trail Shoes

Hiya jammers, MisterChunkybuddy here! Sorry for stopping so suddenly while doing last post and for not posting during this week, I´ve been busy with exams and real life stuff and have had wifi problems.
But now my wifi seems to be quite normal, and it´s Saturday, so here is the new item!
 I made the GIF kinda fast... random XD
Well, I think this item is weird.
I think they look utterly ridiculous.
No one sent anything for Showoff Saturday. Remeber jammers, you can send practically any artwork/blogs/pictures or similar, just keep appropiate, of course.
Here is one of the Greely Infierno hard mode prizes.
Credit to mythicalspiritwolf1, this is his den. I think this is pure awesomeness XD
Now for the featured comment!
Yes, AJHQ doesn´t seem to like us typing kool. Also, when you type cu it automatically turns it into see you. I think this is not good, cu can also be abvreviation for Creating Unions or idk what XD


  1. Yeah the glitch works with srry, too.
    Cu stands for come united :D jk


  2. thnx for using my dens pic i had to go that time
    i frgt... i will comment later on

    1. ya ya ya i remembersd that!
      i sent a pic a few weeks ago and u didnt use it?

  3. CU words:
    Chubby Unicorn

    Chartreuse Unbrella

    Changing Underwear o.o

    Lol, what's tomorrow's theme? I'm going to send stuff for showoff Saturday in beforehand so I don't forget!

    1. What on Jmmaa does chatreuse mean¿¿¿¿O.o
      well some more cu s:
      chickens undercover
      cats using
      cool um...
      cherry upper
      okay...horrible ideas
      - panda23617

  4. I discovered how to break phantom webs easier! if you have a pirate sword, click the phantom web and it will break in just 3 or more clicks! i dunno for member swords but this i am 100% positive. my bff tootyfafa saw it too trust me cloud!
    ~Mistybreeze472 (just discovered it now.)


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